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  1. Sport Touring
    Hey everyone, My dad's got a 1998 ST2 and it's been having a few issues. After having the bike sit for many months we're finally trying to fix it again. A little background: about a year ago, the bike randomly had a dead battery after sitting for a few weeks. We jumped it using a 50 amp...
  2. Monster
    Hey friends, Ive been in the process of resurrecting a 2005 Monster 620 after its been sitting in a garage for 5 years. Picked it up a few days ago with 9k miles. All maintenance has been done, I cleaned the fuel injectors, fluids changed, brakes bled, clutch fluid bled, filters changed, spark...
  3. Superbikes
    Hi! After having some problems with my bike I decided to measure the fuel pressure. I made a test circuit with a "T" fitting. I connected one hose from the feed side and connected it to the T. Other side went to the return line so it basicly loops the fuel back to the tank and then I started...
  4. Superbikes
    This one boggles my mind, hopefully there is some genius out there to shine some light on it. I have a 2001 748 with a 996 motor in it. The previous owner did the change and also upgraded the chip. It has done roughly 15,000km with this setup. Prelude: A few month ago I went for a ride and had...
1-4 of 4 Results