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fuel line

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  1. Sport Classic
    Today I noticed this little rubber line was disintegrated. After reading through some threads; I've discovered that this is a 5/16 Tygon fuel line. My question is how long is it supposed to be and does it connect to anything else? I tore it all down and all I was able to find was this 1-inch...
  2. Monster
    Hello, Since 1 month ago my Monster 620 ie (2003) started running on 1 cylinder half of the time (back and forth every 15-20 min). When it does, I get a strong smell of fuel, then a lot of white smoke gets out of the exhaust, and on that state it consumes a lot of gas. After a while it goes...
  3. Superbikes
    Hi! After having some problems with my bike I decided to measure the fuel pressure. I made a test circuit with a "T" fitting. I connected one hose from the feed side and connected it to the T. Other side went to the return line so it basicly loops the fuel back to the tank and then I started...
  4. Sport Touring
    Hello Friends, I've tried to search and keep coming up with the inside tank hoses. Could someone tell me the inner and outer diameter of the fuel line running from the bottom of the tank. Also, can you recommend good quick disconnect for under the tank? Thank you all and hope you are doing...
1-4 of 4 Results