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  1. StreetFighter
    I'm gearing up to put a slip-on on my SFV4 and based on my research it sounds like removing the stock muffler unit is no easy task. I've seen suggestions that it helps to loosen the rear header nuts, but that also looks like it will be easier said than done without removing the tank in order to...
  2. Superbikes
    Hello! I am trying to build a custom exhaust. Desperately trying to find a exhaust flange that fits the stock v band style clamp that connects the dual muffler section to the valved Y pipe for a 2016 Panigale 959. I want to be able to revert back to the stock system easily so I do not want to...
  3. Superbikes
    Hello community 👋 Yesterday, I was having a little fun when I noticed a deep sound coming out when slowing down the throttle. I stopped the bike and it's when I realized that the right exhaust pipe was melting/cracking on the top. It is a Leo Vinci carbon fiber 45mm. Upon inspection, I saw...
  4. HyperMotard
    Hello all, Apologies in advance if this topic has been previously discussed but I cannot seem to find definitive information on the subject. Looking at slip-on options and I love the Termi under-seat dual cans. I read a number of people stating the DB killers cannot be removed on this--is that...
  5. Diavel
    I have a 2011 Ducati Diavel Carbon. I was having an issue with the bike stuttering at low RPM and losing power. I replaced the exhaust with an aftermarket option and that completely fixed the stuttering. The bike runs fine, starts fine, but has next to no power and is running hotter than usual...
  6. Monster
    I installed Arrow slip-ons on my 2007 S2R 800 because I wanted an exhaust with a deeper tone, but I am a bit disappointed after installing them since they were so pricey and the sound barely changed (it's just slightly deeper after removing the DB Killers). I was wondering if removing the...
  7. Supersport
    Does anyone know the correct way to remove the stock baffles on my 1996 900SS CR? Also looking for the correct rivet size if anyone knows. Thanks!
1-7 of 37 Results