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  1. 600ss engine in a m600 98?

    What're the chances that a 600ss engine would fit in my 98' m600? Would it need any or much modifications? Would the mounting holes line up at all?
  2. Looking for specialized tools

    Sport Classic
    Hello! I'm having to take apart my 1000ds engine on my '07 gt1000. I am searching for information or resources so that I don't have to spend a fortune on the specialized Ducati engine tools I need. I've seen half kits and full kits on ebay, $550 for a (mostly) full set (doesn't include the head...
  3. 2010 MTS 1200 Blown engine.

    Hello. I am a new Ducatista. I tried to do my belts on my bike and as you can read on the subject line, i failed. The mechanic told me that he recommended I get another engine rather than over pay to rebuild the vertical head. Any recommendations on where to get an engine that wont cost me my...