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  1. ECU mod for 20 V4S?

    Welcome and Introduction
    Anyone done a ECU flash to get that more manic behavior back to their 20 V4S? I wouldn't call it a mistake but i bought the 20 over the 19 because of the alleged heat mitigation modifications to it only to find out its hotter and now w/ on the fly heat transfer its wicked hot and inescapable...
  2. ECU Reflashing

    Tech Forum
    Does anybody know how i can re-flash a used ecu and reprogram and remove the immobilizer and set up a new one? Thanks
  3. Nemesis Software

    Tech Forum
    Help somebody please!!! I have a nemesis type1 in my 999, but the software is giving me grief, there is no reset for overtime and over dwell, mine is at it’s maximum count. I remember I had the version that had the reset function, but long gone on my old laptop, I’ve got version 1.3 & the...
  4. Dynoe Result Mapped Multistrada 1200s Using Ecuflash

    Dynoe Result Mapped Multistrada 1200s Using Ecuflash

    2010 Multistrada 1200s Sport, 7000KM/4500miles Stock exhaust with Termignoni slipon Modified airbox Mapping done inside stock ECU