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  1. Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac
    Hi Everyone! I've just bought a 1993 400ssf and so far I am loving it! I've come across an issue with the battery though, It's happened twice now with two different batteries (one old one new). The bike would be running just fine and then I turn it off, go to turn back on, and I get nothing...
  2. Multistrada
    I have had a deposit down on the new street-focused MTSV4, whatever it may be called.. Pikes Peak? SP? R? In any case, the 17” front wheel, Single-sided swingarm, and Ohlins are what I wanted in this bike. I’m sure many others are thinking about it, or already put a deposit down as well. I...
  3. Monster
    Hello , I know a retired gentleman who has 1 Decati left for sale ! He used it for track purpose only , well maintained , I have to add lights to make it street legal , 11k miles , should I buy ? Or stay away from it ?
  4. Welcome and Introduction
    Hey everyone, My name is Justin. I'm a member of BADR (Bay Area Ducati Riders) and Desmo of Silicon Valley. I ride a 2015 1299 Panigale S with some aftermarket goodies and a tune. Below are some photos of my ride. Nice to meet you all.
  5. Welcome and Introduction
    Hi, This is my first post and I am in need of guidance. My 2006 Ducati ST3 was inundated in Hurricane Ida (I live in Mamaroneck, NY). I got her to high enough ground where she would have survived Hurricanes Sandy and Irene but Ida flooding was much worse. I thoroughly dried the electrics and...
  6. Superbikes
    Hey guys, I am trying to chase a massive voltage drop from the battery when I hit the starter switch. Battery reads 13v and when I hit the starter it will drop instantly to around 7.3 volts. When I stop hitting the start button it will go back up with a slight drain from the previous battery...
  7. Sport Classic
    Not sure if you fellas saw this, been making the rounds, but this guy bought a 750ss in '74 for peanuts and put like 100k miles on it ... now he has no money, cant ride it anymore, and discovers he can sell it for like 250k and retire ... If only all dreams came true ...
  8. Welcome and Introduction
    Hey Forum peeps! The obligatory new member post. Ducati owner since 2017, the Babygale 899. Currently positioned in southern California. Here's a pic of my money pit & one from a recent track day at Chuckwalla: 👊✊ G.P.
  9. 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S "Fastest Printer in the West"

    Here is my 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S. Mods include a Termignoni Dual Slip-on, Arrow De-Cat, Performance air filter, LED light retrofit, and Xerox Livery.
  10. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I’m originally from PA. Live in CA. Purchases a 996 remotely that is titled in PA intending to keep the bike in PA at my parents and transferring title there in my name even though I’m a CA resident. PA said I can’t, I have to be a PA resident. CA says the bike needs to be physically located in...
  11. Sport Touring
    Thinking of buying a 2004 st3 it has a valve check light on and I'm worried that I might be buying something that I will have more work involved than I would like to take on. Is this a common thing or is there an underlying issue any comments will be appreciated.
  12. Welcome and Introduction
    Had an ST2 years back, she chewed up the bearing on the crank and i rebuilt it, and ended up getting rid of it back in 2015. Been wanting to get back on 2 wheels so i ended up picking up a very well maintained 25K mile 2002 ST4s. Wanted to drop in and say hello, this forum was very helpful when...
1-12 of 102 Results