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ducati monster 821
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  1. Monster
    Aloha everyone, first post so please go easy one me. Ijust purchased my first Ducati. It’s the monster 821 stealth 2021. I wanted to get the last year with the trellis frame. the Ducati Website has “usb socket” as part of the standard equipment, but it’sno where to be found. Please help! mahalo,
  2. Monster
    Hi, I just bought my new monster 821 stealth 2020 3 weeks ago. When it reached about 500 km mileage, I noticed a noise from the horizontal cylinder. It sounds like the noise of something got loose in the cylinder. It only happens when the bike is hot like 100+ degrees. in the link is the video I...
  3. Monster
    Hello all, I recently got a 2018 Monster 821 from a private seller.My seat always seemed loose and upon the first service, we realized the seat supports are missing from the seat. These are 4 pieces attached to the bottom of the seat which are needed to firmly increase the seat height. Please...
  4. Monster
    Hey guys, so I have had the Monster 821 for about a month now, and it has been doing great. However, after about 3-4 hours of riding around today, the bike automatically started to rev a lot when I give it gas and clutch fully released (Not exceeding 20 kmph in 3rd/4th gear). I tried from first...
1-4 of 5 Results