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  1. Monster
    Hey guys, at my 41 000 km suddenly I got pretty bad noises from around my engine, while riding so took it very slowly to my garage (about 30km ride), removed covers and found out the vertical belt tensioner bearing completely smashed - bearing balls were all around under the cover. Looking at...
  2. Monster
    Hi Guys and gals. I have a M696 2008 model, I love it and have done many mods, lots of carbon fiber, rear sets etc, i love this bike almost as much as my ZX7R kawa, and there lies the problem, I've had the monster about 8 months ( I live in Cairns Australia, it's riding weather all year round...
  3. Monster
    Hi everyone, I have a 2011 Ducati Monster 696 ABS that I enjoy riding around San Diego. I'm looking to get mechanically involved with anyone in the area that works on these types of bikes. I do some of my own maintenance, like battery, oil, chain, brake pads, brake fluid, etc. and would like...
1-3 of 3 Results