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ducati hypermotard 1100s

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    DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for your results, positive or negative, nor any damages resulting from your negligence or repairs. This has been posted in hopes of helping those who wish to service their own forks. So, I performed a rudimentary search of the forum for DIY on 2009 hypermotard...
  2. HyperMotard
    Need help!!! Hi guys, own a 1098 and just bought a Hyper 1100s yippie!!! Ok live in Mexico City almost 10,000 feet above and performance lacks a tad because of this! I have a 2008 Hyper 1100s with std front and rear sprocket, wanting to change them also a 520 chain, wanting to make the bike...
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    It's got a termi exhaust, scotts steering damper and all kinds of carbon fiber bits.
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