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  1. Tech Forum
    Hi all, understand to certain stage. You might have been to track a few times to intend to hit the track. Was just wondering if there's any software/hardware I can download or use when I'm on track which able to tap to my action camera. Things such as Speed/RPM/Braking/Throttle/Angles/G-Force...
  2. Superbikes
    Its a 2014 Ducati Panigale 1199s. When the engine is hot, around 90-100 degree. I'm unable to blip the throttle when I'm trying to down gear. The RPM does go up when I clutch in. Also, while the bike is moving in gear 1, speed about 30km/h. Clutch in and tried to Rev the engine. The amount...
  3. Superbikes
    Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a good 1199s or 1299. I found a few and have been struggling to decide. -2013 1199s( looks like a 12 fairing) for 10.5k with 4800 miles -2014 1199s with only 20 miles??? Very low for year apparently the guys father in law bought it new from dealership and never...
1-3 of 3 Results