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  1. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    hi there, I have a 2007 1098 rolling chassis that I have been hanging out for an engine for ( I am in NZ so there isnt a great choice around unfortunately), and have been offered a sweet 998 motor pushing out 155bhp. I have read that the engine will fit, and i will need to modify the 1098...
  2. Superbikes
    Hello, I've recently been experiencing problems where my SF 1098 will stick at 4000 RPMs once I exceed that RPM speed when accelerating. It will also stick at that speed when idling, but will idle at 1300 RPMs when the bike restarts. I was able to pin point the problem by myself to a part...
  3. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hello everyone, I have recently been having problems with my throttle and found out that the problem was something called the stepper motor which is a part on the throttle body. My question is, does anyone know where to purchase this part? I went directly through my local Ducati dealer to order...
1-6 of 6 Results