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    So the first time I took the clutch apart to replace the plates I remembered to put it in neutral first. But after replacing the clutch pack I was having a weird issue where the clutch would not ENGAGE. I know many people have an issue where it won’t DISengage, but I could put the bike in first...
  2. Sport Touring
    Hey everyone, I just installed a new clutch kit from Newfren and I'm having an issue. When I'm gear and I pull the clutch, the bike wants to roll forward. I can stop it with my feet and brake though. I rode the bike for around 5 miles so far. Any idea how long this break in takes? I feel pretty...
  3. Monster
    I am here hoping to get some updated info on replacements for the clutch plates, basket, and crush washer. I went to my local dealer in San Diego and they want some insane cash for these replacement parts and don't really want to drop 1200 for a few plates and basket. I have researched the...
  4. Superbikes
    I have a 1996 916 SP3. I have had the bike for many years. For a long time there has been a fairly pronounced dip in power at 3,900-4,300 rpm - what I mean is that it kind of chugs through that RPM range with little to no aggression, whereas she pulls really hard in the rest of the power-band...
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