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  1. Multistrada
    I am wondering if any other Multistrada V4S owners have experienced kickback at the shift lever when upshifting their bikes. It’s most noticeable on my bike when I use the clutch in the conventional manner of pulling in the clutch lever and fully disengaging the clutch before upshifting from...
  2. StreetFighter
    Hello friends, recently I have quite a number of my friends are saying that my lever seems to be harder to clutch in aka pulling in the clutch lever. I told them probably due to my STM slipper clutch? Some said that even if is on slipper clutch, it shouldn't be this tough to clutch in. I've...
  3. Sport Classic
    Hi everyone, was hoping if anyone could assist me with a stuck (rock solid) clutch lever I am having with my '09 SC. Have searched and couldn't find a solution this particular problem. Just replaced worn clutch plates and basket off of an OEM Ducati performance slipper clutch with 48T EVR...
  4. HyperMotard
    I brought my 08 ducati hypermotard DS1100 in to get a slipper clutch that I bought installed because the old hardware was obviously failing. I got to the shop and asked then what the thought about it, and he told me that it was "alittle rough but he doesnt ride the bike all the time so he...
1-4 of 4 Results