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  1. StreetFighter
    Hello to all amazing Ducati owners! So I've been contemplating to swap and install a full carbon fiber gas/fuel tank onto my Ducati Streetfighter 1098 S. But I've heard of many people talking about the leaking issues be it one to few days after installing or few months later it will start to...
  2. Diavel
    I have been trying to find a one stop online shop who sells carbon fiber parts for the Diavel 2019+ models at reasonable price points. I should also state ALL of the parts, not just one or two like on the Ducati site. I was looking at "motocomposites.com" but they are not responding to calls or...
  3. Winter restoration project

    Being 14 years old, she had some cracks in the fairing, and some paint touch-ups. I decided to fix the cracks with carbon fiber reinforcement on the inside of the plastics to prevent future cracks. I fused the exit manifold to the fairing and then filled the seams with poly-flex. Going with the...
  4. Sport Touring
    It's been about 5 years since i last came on this site.... Here my list of (poor) excuses.... I started a family and my precious 'sunny days only' Ducati got garaged and this is where it has stayed. In that time i haven't ridden it - i know i know....im ashamed of myself too! BUT....I have...
  5. Monster
    I bought a set of carbon fiber belt cover for my monster. After unscrew the screws, i found it is impossible to remove the cover because the pipe is on the way. Does anyone has experience on changing the belt cover or working on the belt? Please help.
  6. Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover

    Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover With Safety Wired
  7. Bestem Carbon Fiber Fender,Heel Plates

    Bestem Carbon Fiber Fender And Heel Plates
  8. Boblbee Megalopolis Aero Carbon Fiber

    Boblbee Megalopolis Aero Carbon Fiber Cycle Aerodynamic Backpack.
  9. 900 Ss Carbon Fiber Project

    hand laid carbon fiber fairings using the original panels as a mold
  10. 900 Ss Carbon Fiber Project

    hand laid carbon fiber fairings using the original panels as a mold
  11. 900 Ss Carbon Fiber Project

    ducshop here in atlanta did the motor work: 966 overbore, st2 cams, porting with 1mm oversize intake valve, dual plug, slipper clutch, then blue printed the engin
1-12 of 14 Results