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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Hope yall having a beautful day! New to this forum, i rode as a teen and then the wife made me lose the moto... now no more wife so time to ride again. I'm planning on buying a few year old diavel and its not local, so i was hoping to just get some input on what to look for, common problems...
  2. Europe
    Hi Guys, on friday i’ll be checking out a ducati 848 streetfighter “performance” i was wondering if somebody might make some time free of his day to check it out with me. my biggest concerns are: is there even an edition called ”performance” or is this just because of the custom work. the...
  3. Monster
    I have always owned Honda bikes and have always dreamed of having a ducati monster. I hear all kinds of stories about how Italian bikes don't hold up like Japanese bikes. I am wondering why I should buy a ducati monster over the suzuki sv. Are ducatis that much harder to work on yourself? Are...
1-3 of 3 Results