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  1. StreetFighter
    Hi bikers! I'm riding a 2010 Ducati Streetfighter 1098S. Recently I changed two lithium battery within less than 9 months. From Yuasa I changed to Skyrich on the 15th Jan 2022 and somehow the bike died after I switched off and I couldn't get it started up again on the 11th July 2022. On the...
  2. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hello guys, I just replaced the battery with a manual, step by step, and when switched on the ignition, the display turned on with just regular light but absolutely blanked, no digits, nothing, And the check engine came on too. Before, I read that the battery replacement doesn`t require any ECU...
  3. Sport Classic
    Hey Folks. So the SC1000 I picked up a few weeks ago seems to have an electrical issue where the battery isn't charging. Tried a new battery too and checked with the multimeter and the voltage just doesn't seem to rise. The previous owner had it in permanent trickle charge and just tootled...
  4. Multistrada
    Ummm, this is strange. The yellow dash warning that my key fob battery is low has been popping up for a few weeks. I changed the battery today with a fresh 2032. I tested the voltage of the fresh battery at 3.2V. For the heck of it, I checked the voltage of the old battery at 2.65V. So...
  5. Superbikes
    so ive been having some issues with my 2013 1199r. ill give as much details as I can and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. so if I leave the bike on a tender I go out and start it its fine and everything is fine and dandy. however, if its off a tender for more than 8 or so...
  6. HyperMotard
    It was doing fine before i go the bike, after i bought the bike, i replaced the spark plugs and bought a new battery. after 2 weeks the bike cranks slow and does not start at all now. So i charged the battery to full and it would start but after one short ride, it would not start again. The...
  7. Sport Classic
    Has anyone encountered an issue where after reinstalling the battery the only bike response is two dash lights (neutral and oil pressure) remaining on without ignition on? See pic of dash lights. Battery did start bike previously. Nothing happens now except for the two dash light staying on...
  8. Multistrada
    Ducati monster 696 When I turn the key to on position a clicking starts and the lights and dash turn on for about 2 seconds then turns off, and repeats. Nothing else. Kind of annoyed. Send help!
  9. Tech Forum
    I got a dead battery last weak and thought it was a good time to swap it out for a Shorai. In this video, I share my thoughts and walk you through how to swap out the battery step by step.
  10. 3rd World Power Pole

    My battery connections. LoL!
1-10 of 10 Results