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  1. Multistrada
    I bought a 2011 ABS recently,it had 23000 km. Right now I am at 25500 with the desmo service light on. I was thinking of riding this season out with fresh oil, to somewhere around 29k km and then doing the service in winter time. Will this be too overdue?
  2. Multistrada
    Hello, I just bought a new(to me) 2012 MTS 1200 ABS (non S without Ohlins). In my owners manual it says there should be ABS Level setting from 1-3. I only have the option to turn it off in the menu. Is this some special revision which is able to do that? DTC i can change from 1-8. Also,is anti...
  3. Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 2015 ducati 899. Last night I was out on a ride going pretty fast through corners on the highway. I looked down and noticed my abs and check engine light was on, also all rider aids where showing - and the dtc and abs dashes where flashing. Checked all fuses and replaced ones I...
  4. Scrambler
    Hello Ducati.MS! New member here looking for some help on the rear brakes/ABS system for my 2016 Flat Track Pro. I did search the forum before posting but was unable to locate a similar thread in existence. I also tried posting in ScramblerForum.com but unfortunately it's pretty quiet over...
  5. Monster
    Is it possible to install ABS and TC on a M1100? Feel assured knowing that I have it to use should I ever need to.
  6. Tech Forum
    Hi guys, stupid idea probably (my speciality) but I’m investigating adding traction control, abs and riding modes onto my sport classic gt. I recently advertised it to sell but when someone wanted to come get it I realised I can’t, I just love it too much. Instead I’ve sold some guitars and...
  7. Monster
    What ABS level do you operate on sport mode and why ? Do you keep it at the default setting or do you customize it ?
  8. HyperMotard
    Hi, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who face to this problem, I'm sorry I could not find the same exact topic about this subject on the forum. I'd like to see all possible replies about it but like I said I couldn't find it... Anyway appreciate for your help... I have a Hypermotard...
1-8 of 8 Results