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  1. Scrambler
    Hello Ducati.MS! New member here looking for some help on the rear brakes/ABS system for my 2016 Flat Track Pro. I did search the forum before posting but was unable to locate a similar thread in existence. I also tried posting in ScramblerForum.com but unfortunately it's pretty quiet over...
  2. Monster
    Is it possible to install ABS and TC on a M1100? Feel assured knowing that I have it to use should I ever need to.
  3. Tech Forum
    Hi guys, stupid idea probably (my speciality) but I’m investigating adding traction control, abs and riding modes onto my sport classic gt. I recently advertised it to sell but when someone wanted to come get it I realised I can’t, I just love it too much. Instead I’ve sold some guitars and...
  4. Monster
    What ABS level do you operate on sport mode and why ? Do you keep it at the default setting or do you customize it ?
  5. HyperMotard
    Hi, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who face to this problem, I'm sorry I could not find the same exact topic about this subject on the forum. I'd like to see all possible replies about it but like I said I couldn't find it... Anyway appreciate for your help... I have a Hypermotard...
1-5 of 5 Results