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  1. Superbikes
    For anyone who had experience replacing installing 2005 999R engine with 999R Throttle Body onto a 998 frame, a. Can the stock 998 Airbox fit without modification? b. If the stock 998 Airbox will not fit properly, then is there any other airbox that can fit without modification? (perhaps an...
  2. Superbikes
    A few years ago I had a 2005 999R with full termi, the last bit of pipe that went up close to the swingarm has a somewhat oval/flattened section. I sold it years back and lately I have been looking at replacing it. I found another 2005, and the seller says it has the full termi system but it...
  3. Superbikes
    As this subs most beautiful 999S, Isabella, has been dismantled I felt the need to provide some new content for the people that loves the 749/999 range. Lets just start off with this disclaimer. I don't really have much experience in build logs and the likes. I'll do my best and hopefully...
1-4 of 4 Results