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  1. Superbikes
    I've been looking like crazy for an aftermarket exhaust for my 999s but there are far a few between. I would really like a zard but I contacted them directly and although it's on their website for sale they do not produce them anymore. Ebay sellers are also a dead end because they are selling...
  2. Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac
    Hi everyone, just reaching out at i have plans to do an engine swap into a999 chassis, and am interested to see if anyone can recommend a approved engineer that won't drain your cash, or is easy to deal with. Asking for both MAY be a stretch... Thanks in advance! Darius
  3. Superbikes
    I just picked up a 2004 999 with a bad gearbox. Does anyone know if the trans from a 916 is the same? I have a 916 parts engine I could dismantle but I thought I would ask before tearing into it. I've tried searching this but can't find anything conclusive. Some eBay sellers claim they are the...
  4. Superbikes
    Hi all, I'm in the search for a 749 or 999, and in the process stumbled across this 999S for sale in Austin, Texas. It's supposedly 1 of 150 and has only 600mi on the clock, so it could be an interesting buy for someone if that all truly checks out. The pictures are really bad, and the bike...
  5. Superbikes
    Combing eBay for an 05 06 999s motor and running into the same issue repeatedly. The seller basically just tags every model year and 999 and R and S in the title to pick up views. But I'm not sure what to look for. I'm not totally set on 05 06 but if I'm going to spend the money I might as well...
  6. Superbikes
    Looking at swapping a 999 motor into my 749 track bike. I've got a power commander 3 with tune that I don't want to have to pay for again. From what I understand the new motor is a direct bolt on replacement with no modification necessary. But will it run off my 749 ecu? Both are from S model if...
  7. 2006 999

    My '06 999 with some tuning
  8. 999

    modded 999
  9. Track Day Junkie

  10. Track Day Junkie

  11. Track Day Junkie

  12. Adirondacks Ride In '07

    Taken on the shores of Lake Champlain.
  13. Adirondacks Ride In '07

    Taken in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.
1-13 of 31 Results