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  1. Superbikes
    Well new member. Lurking forever. Been noticing that through the pandemic, the amount of motorcycles for sale has decreased. Interested in 998s at this point, but really hard to find them. I have been on Cycletrader (mostly newer bikes), Motohunt (very few), other Ducati websites.....All of...
  2. Welcome and Introduction
    Hi All. New member. Long time looking at Ducati's. Getting older and time to pull the trigger. Hope to pull trigger on 998 or similar. As a newbie to the brand, I am sure that I will have some questions. Regards, Plaw
  3. Superbikes
    For anyone who had experience replacing installing 2005 999R engine with 999R Throttle Body onto a 998 frame, a. Can the stock 998 Airbox fit without modification? b. If the stock 998 Airbox will not fit properly, then is there any other airbox that can fit without modification? (perhaps an...
  4. Superbikes
    Hi, I have a 2002 998. I just did an oil change. Prior to that the bike had not been ridden for about 5 months. Having done the change I decided to go for a ride and as I was exiting the neighborhood (a couple minutes into the ride) I noticed the oil light was on. I figured it might be a bad...
  5. Superbikes
    Hello, I am currently posting on the classified section and WTB add to purchase Ducati Special Tool (Drift) to install the 998/996/916 swing-arm needle bearings Part# 88713.1068 (887131068) that Ducati no longer sell/produce. However, in case I an unable to purchase one in the near future, Does...
  6. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    hi there, I have a 2007 1098 rolling chassis that I have been hanging out for an engine for ( I am in NZ so there isnt a great choice around unfortunately), and have been offered a sweet 998 motor pushing out 155bhp. I have read that the engine will fit, and i will need to modify the 1098...
  7. Superbikes
    Hi guys, my birthday present from 2 years ago (I worked hard to purchase it) is showing some metal flakes in the oil for the second time. First oil change on my behalf was April 2020 en the last time one week ago August 2021. Between the two oil changes was 1800km driven. Flakes seem to be...
  8. Superbikes
    Intro: Hello from Los Angeles! Wanted to start a thread for my build on here so I can hopefully have a running bike one day! I currently have a '05 S2R 800 that I've been riding since '06. Done all kinds of things to that bike but ultimately I wanted something with more power. Considered...
  9. Ducati 998 "menta"

    This is the blueprint for a 4 year project I have just recently finished and will be unveiling on Ducati.MS this month. This is just a rough draft and the catalyst for a vision I have made a reality. I hope you like it! THANK YOU
1-9 of 25 Results