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  1. Superbikes
    Hi guys, my birthday present from 2 years ago (I worked hard to purchase it) is showing some metal flakes in the oil for the second time. First oil change on my behalf was April 2020 en the last time one week ago August 2021. Between the two oil changes was 1800km driven. Flakes seem to be...
  2. Superbikes
    Intro: Hello from Los Angeles! Wanted to start a thread for my build on here so I can hopefully have a running bike one day! I currently have a '05 S2R 800 that I've been riding since '06. Done all kinds of things to that bike but ultimately I wanted something with more power. Considered...
  3. Ducati 998 "menta"

    This is the blueprint for a 4 year project I have just recently finished and will be unveiling on Ducati.MS this month. This is just a rough draft and the catalyst for a vision I have made a reality. I hope you like it! THANK YOU
  4. Throttlehead's 2002 Ducati 998

    yes i kinow...new tires and i can't edit color...but I lover her and she loves me ;)
  5. Another 998

    And one more, resolution not the best
  6. 998 Again

    After a few add-ons..
  7. My Ducati's

    My 998, and yes they are both on carpet.
  8. in progress

    a couple more things to do... tall smoked windshield, slotted black clutch cover, black rims, painted front and side blank number plates.
1-8 of 11 Results