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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    I bought my first Ducati (916 Strada) in October 1996 - still have it, never gives me any trouble. It was manufactured in 1994; first batch I believe; and first owner bought it in Italy in November 1994, rode it back to the UK and it was the first (and only) 916 UK registered in 1995. I am the...
  2. Superbikes
    I just picked up a 2004 999 with a bad gearbox. Does anyone know if the trans from a 916 is the same? I have a 916 parts engine I could dismantle but I thought I would ask before tearing into it. I've tried searching this but can't find anything conclusive. Some eBay sellers claim they are the...
  3. Superbikes
    I've mostly lurked on this board for the last few years (and have gained quite a bit of knowledge), and have seen that there wasn't a decent source for the early 916 rivets that came on the Varese bikes. So, I sourced some that are extremely, extremely close to the original rivets. The speed...
  4. Superbikes
    I've purchased a replacement airbox gasket for my 916 and as I understand the part has been superseded by Ducati some time ago. The new gasket's nipples do not correspond with the existing holes and its doin my head in on how to fit it. I've attached pics of the part if that helps anyone give...
  5. Welcome and Introduction
    Hi everyone! 😊 Thanks for letting me join your community. I'm from Germany, I ride a 916 SPS, a Scrambler Cafe Racer and, when it's raining, cold or otherwise inconvenient, a MIG-RR 😁 I also have a YouTube channel, so allow me to introduce myself with my latest video: I'm looking forward to...
  6. Superbikes
    Intro: Hello from Los Angeles! Wanted to start a thread for my build on here so I can hopefully have a running bike one day! I currently have a '05 S2R 800 that I've been riding since '06. Done all kinds of things to that bike but ultimately I wanted something with more power. Considered...
  7. Superbikes
    Does anyone have 748/916/996 Lower left hand fairing laying about?
  8. Superbikes
    Hey all! Been a long time since I was active in the forums here. Never posted in this section as I have never owned a Ducati superbike, until now! After many years of dreaming, I finally found what is to me, the perfect 916 and I found it locally which was wonderful. 1996 916 strada almost...
  9. Superbikes
    Hey, i’ve been looking for a side stand to my 916. One that locks in position hehe... not that i’ve had any accidents yet, but i want to avoid that. Does somebody know about a «normal» side stand, that fits the 916? Thanks for reply :)
  10. Superbikes
    I have a 1996 916 SP3. I have had the bike for many years. For a long time there has been a fairly pronounced dip in power at 3,900-4,300 rpm - what I mean is that it kind of chugs through that RPM range with little to no aggression, whereas she pulls really hard in the rest of the power-band...
  11. Ducati 998 "menta"

    This is the blueprint for a 4 year project I have just recently finished and will be unveiling on Ducati.MS this month. This is just a rough draft and the catalyst for a vision I have made a reality. I hope you like it! THANK YOU
  12. My 916 Sps

    My 916 after rebuild. I crashed it at the track.
1-14 of 20 Results