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  1. Supersport
    Hi all, thought I’d start a thread to document my progress. I’ve recently purchased a 1995 900SS that’s unfortunately met with the ground - so although the price was right, as you can see below it’s going to need some love! The bike will shortly be on its way to Tasmania to my fathers workshop...
  2. Supersport
    Bike ran well until I went to replace the battery. Replaced battery with new odyssey, cranks great now. Initially started but ran rough and wouldn't idle. Now it won't catch at all. Confirmed fuel (all fresh, clear gas) is being dumped into FC41s so not fuel. Pulled plugs each fires with plenty...
  3. Vintage
    I found this wiring diagram on this forum a while ago, but its for a diffrent year of bike. I was wondering if you guys thought it would work for my 1979 900 MHR? The diagram is for a 1977 900SS, but it looks fairly similar to what I've got in terms of componets so I thought I might give it a...
  4. Supersport
    Hey guys I bought a 02 ducati 900 as and I’m wondering if the fairings are interchangeable with any new models? Not a fan of the older model which is why I basically don’t have any on.
  5. Vintage
    Hi guys, I'm a newbie about ducati 900ss and still keep studying everything about it. I really want to give a try and own one since some friends and owner said it isn't a friendly bike but I never know it if I don't try it myself. I'm looking at this 1978 900ss (please see the attachment...
  6. Supersport
    Does anyone know the correct way to remove the stock baffles on my 1996 900SS CR? Also looking for the correct rivet size if anyone knows. Thanks!
  7. Supersport
    Hey everyone, does anybody know the correct size fork seal for the Marzocchi none adjustable forks on a 1996 900SS CR. My forks have showa stickers on the sides but are stamped on the inside with "Marzocchi 750ss" I purchased 41x54x11 fork seals thinking they were showa's but it turns out...
  8. Welcome and Introduction
    Long time lurker, owned 12 bikes, and haven't looked back since getting my first Ducati. I have a thing for the 900SS, and I am sure I am not alone. Bit of a struggle keeping the 900s healthy, versus the 696, which is a grab-and-go affair...I buy as much NOS parts as I can source...love the...
  9. Supersport
    Hey everyone, I need to replace my 1996 900SS chain. Does anyone have any recommendations that won't break the bank? Maybe middle of the road. Put way too much money into this bike trying to get it on the road, but it was worth it.
  10. Supersport
    I’m in the market for mufflers for my 1999 900ss and I can’t seem to find many left sided mufflers. I’m just wondering if there are any other models like the 620ss, 750ss, or 1000ss that fit or if other years work too. Thanks for any help!
  11. Welcome and Introduction
    Happy to be back! This forum was a godsend when I first started riding 8 or 9 years ago. I conned my friends and family into agreeing that a scooter was a good idea...then the scooter idea manifested as an Aprilia RS50. As my long con continued, I convinced all parties involved that the...
1-14 of 41 Results