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  1. Need help on 851

    851 / 888
    Can anyone please tell me (or better yet, send a picture) of where the neutral light switch is mounted on my 851? I intend to tap the wires and install a much brighter LED neutral light some place on the dash. I don't want to disturb the original warning light module with the weak, unreadable...
  2. New owner, 851 Strada, has questions. Need help.

    Hi, I recently bought a 1991 , 851 Strada, 11,00 miles. Great bike, love riding it, but I have three questions. First, neutral is very hard to find, is there something going on that I can fix to make clicking into neutral easy? Second, the clutch pull is pretty heavy, can I fix something to...
  3. Maintenance costs for Ducati, 1991, 851 SuperBike?

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hi, Can you tell me what the maintenance issues and rough costs would be on a 1991 851 SuperBike. It has 11,000 miles and is in good shape. Before I buy I'm trying to figure out what I'm getting into maintenance and reliability wise. Thanks, Blake
  4. 851 In Texas

    851 In Texas

  5. My 1st ducati ('91 851)

    My 1st ducati ('91 851)

  6. My 1st ducati ('91 851)

    My 1st ducati ('91 851)