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  1. 851 / 888
    Hi everyone. Trying to locate or rather decode an engine number. I believe it’s a USA engine but that’s all. Engine number is HB6M002365. Is anyone able to help? Thanks in advance.
  2. 851 / 888
    Hello everyone out there. I'm EarlJ from a currently cold Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've owned a few Ducatis over the years starting in 1992 with a 92 851 Strada with Aussie chip, Gio Ca Moto pipes and open airbox that I purchased when I was living in Arizona, the usual stuff for the time. A little...
  3. 851 / 888
    Can anyone please tell me (or better yet, send a picture) of where the neutral light switch is mounted on my 851? I intend to tap the wires and install a much brighter LED neutral light some place on the dash. I don't want to disturb the original warning light module with the weak, unreadable...
  4. Vintage
    Hi, I recently bought a 1991 , 851 Strada, 11,00 miles. Great bike, love riding it, but I have three questions. First, neutral is very hard to find, is there something going on that I can fix to make clicking into neutral easy? Second, the clutch pull is pretty heavy, can I fix something to...
  5. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hi, Can you tell me what the maintenance issues and rough costs would be on a 1991 851 SuperBike. It has 11,000 miles and is in good shape. Before I buy I'm trying to figure out what I'm getting into maintenance and reliability wise. Thanks, Blake
  6. 851 In Texas

1-8 of 8 Results