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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Hello from Sacramento! I recently acquired a 2006 749 Dark and am excited to learn all about these amazing machines. This one has just a tick over 15k on the clock and is pretty amazingly clean so far - though I'm seeing some oily buildup on the horizontal cylinder head (tech thread incoming)...
  2. Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac
    Hi everyone, just reaching out at i have plans to do an engine swap into a999 chassis, and am interested to see if anyone can recommend a approved engineer that won't drain your cash, or is easy to deal with. Asking for both MAY be a stretch... Thanks in advance! Darius
  3. Superbikes
    Looking at swapping a 999 motor into my 749 track bike. I've got a power commander 3 with tune that I don't want to have to pay for again. From what I understand the new motor is a direct bolt on replacement with no modification necessary. But will it run off my 749 ecu? Both are from S model if...
  4. Tech Forum
    Hello all. Would like a little insight on a intermittent problem my girlfriends 749 has been having. As of four weeks ago i acquired a 06 749(s? Not sure how to tell if its an S or normal version) with 24k miles. As of 2 days ago we were coming off the highway when the oil pressure sensor light...
  5. Superbikes
    Hi, I'm a new Ducati rider and new to this forum as well. Earlier today my 749 dropped because of windy conditions( I live in the western part of Norway so this is normal). the mirror, steering handle and clutch broke off. The side also got some scratches. Do any of you guys have any tips...
  6. 749 New To Me

    03 749 shortly after bringing it home. March 2011.
  7. My 2004 749

    My first motorcycle. Purchased on 11/21/04. Now she has 6,400 miles, and a DP GP cowl. Nothin like a Duc!
  8. My 2004 749

    The body says "S". The receipt does not. (Long story...)
  9. Me and my 749

    Track and ride in the country around Paris: near Versailles. Place where all Parisian riders go to find some twisties.
  10. 749 again

    just a newer pic of the 749
1-12 of 15 Results