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  1. New to the Ducati world hello all!

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    Hi I just bought this 2000 748 has 17k miles on it, not sure If it's an "R" or anything like that as I am relatively new to Ducati's. Bought it after not riding or have a bike for the last 10years.. my 6year old daughter passed away on July 9th from seizures out of nowhere. And I felt wind...
  2. 1997 748 Stator wire question

    So I had to recently pop open the stator cover to service the water pump. While doing so I discovered my 2 wire stator wires where getting toasty at the bullet terminals. I know I should probably replace the wiring from the stator with thicker gauge, but I do not ride this bike on the street...
  3. 748SP Measuring fuel pressure properly?

    Hi! After having some problems with my bike I decided to measure the fuel pressure. I made a test circuit with a "T" fitting. I connected one hose from the feed side and connected it to the T. Other side went to the return line so it basicly loops the fuel back to the tank and then I started...
  4. 748 / 996 relay or ecu problem or something else entirely???

    This one boggles my mind, hopefully there is some genius out there to shine some light on it. I have a 2001 748 with a 996 motor in it. The previous owner did the change and also upgraded the chip. It has done roughly 15,000km with this setup. Prelude: A few month ago I went for a ride and had...
  5. FS: 2002 Ducati 748 $5,000- SOLD

    Hi all, Up for sale is my 748 Biposto. The bike currently has 11,049 miles, which increases with rides. The bike has always been garaged since in my possession and I'm the third owner. Asking price is $5,000, which includes front and back pitbull stands. Bike has FBF exhaust and clean title...
  6. 748 Pressure Regulator

    Looking to find a pressure regulator to replace the one on my 748. Are there any that can be cross referenced? I read that one off 2000 Jetta 2.0 SFI may be able to work but have no way of knowing
  7. Is my 748 engine dead?

    Hello all, I have a 748 that was running fine when I bought it this past summer. I rode the bike a total of maybe 5 miles after buying and then the ECU died after replacing the battery (my fault I gather). Fast forward a few months later and the ECU is working but now the compression is low on...
  8. ATCorse slipper clutch

    I got a ATCorse slipper clutch in a box when I bought my 748s. I would like to mount it on the bike now. Unfortunately there are many part and I dont have any instructions. Is there anyone that has a exploded view of the part where I can see the mounting order and direction and maybe torque...
  9. '01 748

    '01 748

    '01 748
  10. My 2001 748r

    My 2001 748r

  11. Ducati 998 "menta"

    Ducati 998 "menta"

    This is the blueprint for a 4 year project I have just recently finished and will be unveiling on Ducati.MS this month. This is just a rough draft and the catalyst for a vision I have made a reality. I hope you like it! THANK YOU
  12. img_0425.jpg


    2002 748 biposto
  13. img_0407.jpg


    2002 748 biposto
  14. img_0421.jpg


    2002 748 biposto
  15. 99 748

    99 748

  16. 99 748

    99 748

  17. My 748s

    My 748s

    my 748 s so far
  18. : )

    : )

  19. 748 Getting A Lil Tlc

    748 Getting A Lil Tlc

  20. Dscn1564