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  1. Superbikes
    I figured it's time to make a build thread for my 748 biposto now that it's scattered throughout my garage, although a complete disassembly isn't a build quite yet. I bought the bike locally in October of 2021. I probably paid too much for it, at $4,500 since it needed valve and belt...
  2. Superbikes
    Hello community 👋 Yesterday, I was having a little fun when I noticed a deep sound coming out when slowing down the throttle. I stopped the bike and it's when I realized that the right exhaust pipe was melting/cracking on the top. It is a Leo Vinci carbon fiber 45mm. Upon inspection, I saw...
  3. Superbikes
    Does anyone know if the 748SPS can use the NGK DCPR9E plugs? Is there enough room in the combustion chamber? (the SPS has a little more compression). I've heard the Champion A55V's I'm using make the bike a little cranky to start.
  4. Tech Forum
    Hello all, so I got a few questions I would like some input on. The bike is a ‘98 748S I’m having rectifier issues related to heat. As soon as it gets hot enough no more charging. Cool down and we’re good. Is the rectifier bad now and will have continued issues or can I relocate and continue to...
  5. Superbikes
    Intro: Hello from Los Angeles! Wanted to start a thread for my build on here so I can hopefully have a running bike one day! I currently have a '05 S2R 800 that I've been riding since '06. Done all kinds of things to that bike but ultimately I wanted something with more power. Considered...
  6. Superbikes
    Hi all, I'm about to change both sprockets and chain on a 2002 748. My question is whether I can do it while the bike is on the side-stand? In other words, will the wheel come off when unfastening the big rear sprocket nut? Some people say it will, some say it will not - what's up and down...
  7. Superbikes
    Does anyone have 748/916/996 Lower left hand fairing laying about?
  8. Tech Forum
    Greetings from Los Angeles! I started this project in January and have been making pretty good progress so far. Hopefully the funds don't dry up soon! I am building a 748 using a 1100 DS engine from a '09 hyper. Use will be for street, and maybe ill even make it to the track, though ive been...
  9. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hi I just bought this 2000 748 has 17k miles on it, not sure If it's an "R" or anything like that as I am relatively new to Ducati's. Bought it after not riding or have a bike for the last 10years.. my 6year old daughter passed away on July 9th from seizures out of nowhere. And I felt wind...
  10. Superbikes
    So I had to recently pop open the stator cover to service the water pump. While doing so I discovered my 2 wire stator wires where getting toasty at the bullet terminals. I know I should probably replace the wiring from the stator with thicker gauge, but I do not ride this bike on the street...
  11. Superbikes
    Hi! After having some problems with my bike I decided to measure the fuel pressure. I made a test circuit with a "T" fitting. I connected one hose from the feed side and connected it to the T. Other side went to the return line so it basicly loops the fuel back to the tank and then I started...
  12. Superbikes
    This one boggles my mind, hopefully there is some genius out there to shine some light on it. I have a 2001 748 with a 996 motor in it. The previous owner did the change and also upgraded the chip. It has done roughly 15,000km with this setup. Prelude: A few month ago I went for a ride and had...
  13. Superbikes
    Looking to find a pressure regulator to replace the one on my 748. Are there any that can be cross referenced? I read that one off 2000 Jetta 2.0 SFI may be able to work but have no way of knowing
  14. Superbikes
    Hello all, I have a 748 that was running fine when I bought it this past summer. I rode the bike a total of maybe 5 miles after buying and then the ECU died after replacing the battery (my fault I gather). Fast forward a few months later and the ECU is working but now the compression is low on...
  15. Superbikes
    I got a ATCorse slipper clutch in a box when I bought my 748s. I would like to mount it on the bike now. Unfortunately there are many part and I dont have any instructions. Is there anyone that has a exploded view of the part where I can see the mounting order and direction and maybe torque...
  16. '01 748

    '01 748
1-16 of 33 Results