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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Hej guys, New rider from Sweden. I just caught a Ducati Monster 1200 S - model year 2016. Just seeing it brings a smile to my face, not to mention riding it 😅 It's equipped with a Termi, so on a cold start, literally everyone at work standing around it jump every single time 😂 it's hilarious...
  2. Welcome and Introduction
    Hey there Joined the forums around back in 2020 but I have not introduced myself yet😅 Started with my first ducati back then a monster S4, went on to trying out a S4R(not comfy enough) So here I am with my current monster and I love it:love:
  3. Multistrada
    I had an issue with my 2016 1200S a couple months ago taking it in to the dealer for the 18K service, the bike has just under 13K miles on it. I had gone about 25 miles then stopped for gas, after fill up the bike was dead. Thinking it was my finicky key fob I went for the ignition switch to get...
  4. Multistrada
    Anyone using original Ducati TPMS sensors 96680661A on MTS DVT 2016? Do they work perfectly with in dash information?
1-4 of 4 Results