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1996 96 cr 900 supersport ss

  1. Supersport
    Hey everyone, does anybody know the correct size fork seal for the Marzocchi none adjustable forks on a 1996 900SS CR. My forks have showa stickers on the sides but are stamped on the inside with "Marzocchi 750ss" I purchased 41x54x11 fork seals thinking they were showa's but it turns out...
  2. Supersport
    I am considering buying a 1996 Supersport CR but the speedometer reads 70000 miles. The owner is replacing the clutch basket, clutch lever and left mirror. And I may do a compression test when I see it. From inspecting the bike, the frame is very clean with 0 rust but the front tire shows signs...
  3. Sean 1996 Ducati 900SS/CR

    Sean 1996 Ducati 900SS/CR