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  1. Multistrada
    Hey guys. So I’m new too Ducati. And I actually dont own one yet. But i am Possibly going to be buying one this weekend anyways. I was curious, the one I’m looking at is a 2015 1200s. Color TFT display. I know you can connect your phone too the multistrada info screen. But what...
  2. Welcome and Introduction
    Hej guys, New rider from Sweden. I just caught a Ducati Monster 1200 S - model year 2016. Just seeing it brings a smile to my face, not to mention riding it 😅 It's equipped with a Termi, so on a cold start, literally everyone at work standing around it jump every single time 😂 it's hilarious...
  3. Multistrada
    Hello everyone I just bought an used 2015 MTS1200S DVT and I am obviously annoying everyone else on the street as I am getting a lot of high beams due to my too high set low beams. I have searched the web and this seems to be a common issue with the DVT. I have tried twice to set the beam...
  4. Monster
    Needed Advice Please: Planning on buying a 2017 1200s w/ 31k miles. It would be my first Ducati. I rode RD400 all the time. Love those bikes, but want something to go the distance. So any advice? Thank you, R
  5. Monster
    I cannot seem to find a definitive answer as to what was standard new. I am picking one up Saturday... I would love a complete list... But Specifically, was the Ohlins steering dampener standard? What about the Marchesini wheels? It has the Termis and some other stuff too. But I believe all the...
  6. Monster 1200s At Sunset

    Taken on the Sunrise Highway
  7. Img 0167

    2010 MTS 1200s Touring Black
  8. Img 0159

    2010 MTS 1200s Touring Black
  9. Img 0161

    2010 MTS 1200s Touring Black
1-9 of 10 Results