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  1. Suspension and Tire Tech
    The guys @BellissiMoto got be hooked up with one of these and was wondering if anyone has given it a try. It comes with steel hardware which I promptly switched out for titanium(using ti axle pinch bolts from an s2r with the heads turned down to fit). The titanium hardware brings the weight...
  2. Superbikes
    I've seen a few posts on the web about installing a 1098 motor into a xx9 bike. I would love to tackle a project like this but I have to wonder why not an 1198 motor? Plus adding an 1198s harness and sensor for traction control seems pretty sweet. Are there any added issues to the 1198 apart...
  3. Tech Forum
    I've tried searching and have found bits of info that are leading me in the right direction, but any guidance would be appreciated. So I am thinking about picking up a mts 1200 motor that had the common crankshaft failure. If I can get it at the price I am set on, I would need a crank. All...
1-3 of 6 Results