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1000 ds

  1. Supersport
    Just picked up the new duke and wanting to lower the front 1cm to 2cm by raising fork tubes in tree,anyone done this ?
  2. Sport Classic
    So some of you here might of read on a previous post of mine that I had catastrophic transmission failure in my '07 GT1000 @ around 46,500 miles. The top end is in great shape. I've had the bike for about 3.5 years and never had a loss of power or had any problems usually associated with high...
  3. Sport Classic
    Hey everyone. This is both a cautionary tale and a plea for information. This morning I set off from my house on my '07 GT1000 as I always do. I turned onto the main road and quickly went through gears 1,2,3 when all of a sudden they rear wheel locked up! I was passing a car and began...