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General Information

RC51 SP2
Pure White Viper Red Viper Blue
The bike is a 2004 Nicky Hayden Edition. It was originally adorned with the standard RC51 Winning Red-Black-Force Silver Metallic livery,polished frame and swingarm,and a small Nicky Hayden decal on the gas tank.
Aside from that small decal and the polished frame and swing arm (all other RC51's had a Black frame and swing arm) the bike is mechanically identical to every other '02-'06 RC51 SP2 that Honda ever built.
So although it was technically called a Nicky Hayden Edition there was nothing particularly special about the 2004 model year RC51's.

Bought the bike used with 3500 miles on it from the local Ducati dealer. I was actually sitting on a 996 sporting Breil livery and contemplating purchasing it when a buddy of mine spotted an RC51 at the end of the aisle. He called dibs on it,his wife said no,I bought it,he's still pissed.

After gassing up the bike one day I walked it up to a parking space beside the gas station and turned away to talk to that same buddy of mine who originally spotted the bike at the dealership.
Seconds later I heard a loud crash and turned around to see my RC51 laying on it's left side spilling gas all over the parking lot. Kickstand sank into the hot asphalt and the bike fell over.
Totally my fault,shoulda known better than to park the bike on blazing hot asphalt on a 95 degree day.

Decided to repaint the bike after it fell over and chose an altered version of the 2006 Honda Repsol 25th Anniversary Red-White-Blue MotoGP livery used in Valencia Spain by Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa.
The Red and Blue stripes are moved toward the center of the bike to give it a CAN-AM sort of feel and I ditched all the sponsor decals for a more spartan uncluttered look.

The Viper Red used in the center stripe is a very bright Glossy Cherry Red and the Viper Blue used in the center stripe is a very shiny Metallic Blue. You would think that the Metallic Blue would over power the Cherry Red but that's not the case,it's actually the other way around.
The Viper Red is such a Bright Cherry Red that the Metallic Viper Blue has to work hard to steal away some of it's thunder to tone it down a bit. The two colors actually do balance out quite nicely in the sunlight against the Pure White background.
It's a very simple 3 color paint scheme that I get a lot of thumbs up compliments on.
2004 Honda RC51 SP2 (Pure White Viper Red Viper Blue)


Nothing special.
Power Commander PC5 with a dual channel AT-300 Autotune (added 7-1-15)
Brisk Racing DOR11LGS spark plugs
Sato Racing C/F and Titanium low mount exhaust
Thurn Motorsport aluminum exhaust hanger brackets
CBR1000RR coil sticks
New MOSFET regulator and heavy duty stator assembly
TSS slipper clutch with Barnett kevlar clutch plates and heavy duty clutch springs
Factory Pro EVO 7 shift star kit
Samco Sport silicone coolant hoses with stainless steel hose clamps
Engine Ice coolant
EarthX ETX18B battery (added 7-1-15)
Motolectric battery cables
15/41 final drive gearing
Kyle Racing clip-ons
Strada 7 brake lever protector
HRC 1/6th turn racing throttle
Tokico radial mount front brake calipers from a 2006 CBR1000RR
Billet Aluminum radial mount front brake caliper mounts from RC51 Parts
Pazzo Racing levers (shorty brake - long clutch)
Pro Grip 724 dual density grips
Proton programmable flush mount LED front turn signals
Aftermarket undertail with Autolumination 1157 super high power LED bulbs and aftermarket amber LED turn signals
Aftermarket forward facing front turn signal LED lights mounted directly into the headlight housings
Bluhm Enterprises H7 Xenon Gas Blue Hi-power 70 watt headlight bulbs
Swapped out the crappy dull Orange stock dash panel back-light LED's and installed Bright Green ones for better recognition and visibility
Lockhart Phillips V2 double bubble windscreen
T-Rex fairing sliders
Jay-Bee Biker Bits front axle sliders
Corbin seat
Jesters Trick Bits bum pad
LighTech quick release gas cap
GP Tech cast master thumb brake
HEL Performance stainless steel brakelines with Titanium banjo bolts
That's a DID Gold chain in the pic but I've since switch to a EK MVXZ Black chain
Gilles Tooling rear axle adjusters with integrated rear stand lifting hooks
Supersprox rear sprocket
Modified BST C/F rear hugger
PAIR system removed
Ram Air tunnel doorway removed
Nearly all nuts and bolts on the bike that could be replaced with Titanium were

For anyone who was wondering,those Orange exhaust plugs with the White straps that you see in the last pic are made by ProGrip. They come in two different sizes and are used during winter storage to prevent moisture from entering the exhaust pipes.
RC51's are notoriously lousy road bikes with overly harsh stock suspension,they have their own particular way of beating you up. Took a long time,the patience of a saint,and a lot of trial and error to get the suspension dialed in to work properly on the street.
Musta read Andrew Trevitt's book "Sportbike Suspension Tuning" a hundred times. Had to go through hell to get to heaven but hard lessons learned on this bike helped me enormously with the suspension set-up on other bikes that I own. Really taught me what the word "feel" means.

Matris F05R fork cartridges
Ohlins HO204 rear shock
Matris M4R steering damper
Attack Racing triple clamps
Kyle Racing shock link
Wheel and Tire
Carrozzeria Tri-R rims
Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO tires
Star Rotors with DP Racing HH sintered brake pads
Underslung Brembo rear brake caliper conversion kit from Scott's Motorcycle Service
Sato Racing rearsets



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