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Showcase cover image for sadtaco's 1973 Honda CB500

General Information

F (four)
Bought with from a guy in Oly, had knobbies on it, dim stock headlight, no turn signals, one mirror, and ran like shit.
Tore part of it apart, had the knobbies replaced with street tires, new MotionPro throttle cable, replaced stock controls and brake reservoir with Ducati Monster parts. New halogen headlight and bucket, removed the airbox and replaced with pods, vented the breather to atmosphere.
Ripped out the wiring and fabricated a custom loom, repainted the bike with rattle cans (lots of sanding, priming, sanding, more sanding, painting, wetsanding, paint some more, wetsand some more, clear coat with SprayMax 2K clear coat). Bike looked great, still ran like shit.
Pulled the carbs, rebuilt, and rejetted them. Bike ran like a champ. Went to the gym one day, wiring caught fire, bike survived without any cosmetic damage, wiring had to be replaced. Bought a custom loom from Matthew Sparck at www.sparckmoto.com (awesome!). Went to install it, noticed the bike had rust on the frame, decided to do a complete rebuild. Did a top end motor tear down and started the rebuild. Got tired of spending so much time on it, sourced the job off to a professional builder.

The build so far:
Frame and body: reconditioned frame (epoxy paint, clearcoat, side panels permanently removed, tabs cut, battery box fabricated under seat)

Complete engine rebuild: 589a grind camshaft from webcams, cylinders bored out, oversized pistons (.25) added, oil cooler adapter plate for spin on filter and cooler from a Hypermotard (2007) sourced. Carbs rebuild and rejetted, polished, and varnish completely removed. Valves cleaned and lapped, cylinder head bead blasted and cleaned, new top end gasket kit from 4into1,

Final Drive: Wheels and tires from my 2002 Monster 750ie (total lossed) sourced for the final drive, forks from a 2003 CBR600RR.

Brakes: Brembo brakes from the same 2002 M750 (front and rear). Axial front brake controls, Brembo rear master cylinder. Stock front brake was a single piston, single disc that was more or less ornamental, rear brake was a drum. Now: dual front disc, dual four piston front calipers. Rear, standard Brembo issue on the 2002 M750.

Clutch: cable clutch, nothing special. Controls aftermarket, new.
Electrical: custom made loom from Sparck Moto (www.sparckmoto.com); top of the line shit! Digital backlit universal tach/speedo from ebay. Speed sensor from my 2002 Ducati M750, conventional magnetic points ignition upgraded with Dyna S electronic ignition and Dyna coils. NGK wires, NGK plugs.

Other work: engine oil seals and clutch pushrod replaced, chain upgraded with upgraded one from Dime City, tail chop and short stalk turn signals installed with integrated stop and turn function (rear), standard short stalks up front.
1973 Honda CB500 (Red/Black)


Engine tear down and rebuild (custom, professional): Cylinders bored out, .25 oversized pistons added
Carburetors cleaned and rebuilt, rejetted with larger jets for more intake capacity
Dyna S electronic ignition and Dyna coils. NGK plugs and wires
Café seat
Tail chop
Custom paint (self)
Ducati Monster ignition start/stop controls
Axial brake master and grip (front)
Conventional cable clutch grip
Universal digital backlit tach/speedo
Honda CBR600RR forks and top triple
Wheel and Tire
Ducati Monster 750ie wheels, tires, and brakes (calipers, rotors, etc)



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