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General Information

I purchased my R1 new in March 2008. I moved from an SV650 which was heavily modified, with the intention of using the R1 on the street and the SV650 on the track (SV had upgraded suspension, brakes, exhaust, carbs, etc). After riding the SV650 on the track in April that year, I found it underwhelming and quickly put it up for sale, purchasing an 04 GSXR 750 for the track, and also deciding to do some investments in terms of parts to the R1.

About me, I am a bigger guy, 6'1", 300 pounds in full gear. So the R1 fit me very well. I felt the R1 was a great platform, but after upgrading parts on the SV650 setting it apart from the rest, I wanted some more trick items on the R1 to set me apart from other bikes.

Although anyone can do bolt-on upgrades and style changes, I wanted my R1 to "look" like other non-modified bike, just wanted to improve the performance. It wasn't long after owning the bike I started making purchases. Within a month I had 3000 miles on the R1, already through a set of tires, and swapped out the ECU to get rid of the 5500 RPM throttle lag, I then felt it was time to start the modifications.

First I bought a full titanium Graves exhaust/CF cans, PC3, iridium plugs, smog block-off plates, BMC race filter, ASV Levers, mirror block-off plates, adapters for the CRG bar-end mirrors, dark-tint windscreen, Galfer SS lines, proton flush mounts, integrated tail light, and motivation frame sliders. All the parts arrived and still within 30-days of buying the bike, I was tearing it down to upgrade parts.

I started with removed the smog-control system and installed all the parts, using the Graves map for full exhaust. The bike felt much stronger and the weight reduction from the exhaust was phenomenal.

I continued to ride that 2008 year, spending a lot of my time on the track with my 750, doing 18 track days, and still managing to ride the R1 10,000 miles on the street. Having upgraded the 750's suspension to Ohlin's internals I decided in the winter of 08 that I should install some Ohlin's goodies on the R1. On the SV650, I had done the Traxxion Dynamics damper rod, springs, cartridge emulators, and pre-load adjusters to the forks, and added a Penske double to the rear. The 750 already had a Penske Triple on it, and "race-tech" valves, but when I had issues at Barber, Superbike Suspension's Ken Hall found the front to be "hacked" together (an article was actually written about this on trackdaymag.com) I had the internals replaced with an Ohlins kit and continued to ride the 750.

Ken was my first call for the R1 suspension. I decided instead of just upgrading the internals, R&T forks were going to be installed, along with the TTX rear shock. Ken did the order, built the forks to my specs (spring weight, valving, etc), and then dropped them off for me to install. I have been the only one to work on my R1, besides having the specialists do the work on the suspension. So back to the shop I went.

I put on the forks and shock and took the bike for a ride. Amazing. The bike was totally different. Felt stable throughout the corners, didn't aggressively nose dive when on the brakes, and just handled like a bike should. I continued to ride the R1 and enjoy the bike.

The summer of 09 I decided to purchase some wheels for the R1. I talked to people I had met at sportbiketrackgear.com while attending some track days, and they had Dymag carbon wheels listed on their site, so I gave them a call to place an order. Then I waited. And waited. And Waited. Backorder. I talked to Ken Hall again, BST could be sent to me within 3 days, cancelled the one order, got the BST wheels ordered and waited for the arrival. Part of my order with STG was for Galfer wave rotors, and after spending time on here, seeing the CMC brake rotors, and discussing them with Ken, I decided to do some brakes on the R1 while I was at it.

Order Braketech CMC rotors, Brembo HP calipers, and a Brembo 19RCS master for the bike. Also gave Ken the measurements for the Spiegler custom lines for the front of the bike to replace the dual Galfer lines I had, decided to clean it up and go with a T's line instead, with single connection to the master.

I left the rear brake alone, because who uses the rear (that was my thought then, now that I take my wife for rides, and have run faster on the track, I have increased my speed enough to need to use it, which is why I upgraded it later), and I added the parts to the bike. I had already purchased a No-Mar tire changer because of all the track days and driving 60 miles one way to a buddy with one, it was economically needed. So the only person changing tires on the BST wheels has been me.

Throughout the life of the bike I have added/removed modifications to the bike. Changing grips when I wear them out, adding lights, changing to the newest "coolest" item for the bike, trying to give myself the best performing bike possible. I am planning on updating this story to include the rest of the build and adjustments and what I felt about each of the changes and differences in the parts.
2007 Yamaha R1 (Red/Black)


Bike, Apperance, Misc:
2007 Yamaha R1 - Candy Red with 2008 ECU (fix the 5500 RPM Lag)
Flash-Tune ECU interface, self-programmed for reduced engine braking, higher RPM, lower fan turn on, etc.
Graves Full Titanium Exhaust with Carbon Cans
Woodcraft Clips-ons
Renthal Kevlar Dual Compound Grips
Rhino-Moto Bar-end sliders with CRG mirror Mounts
CRG Lane Split Mirrors
Dark Smoke Puig Double Bubble Screen
Gregg's Custom Mirror Block Off Plates
Gregg's Custom Undertail Cover
Black Powdercoated Rear Passenger Pegs
Yamaha Solo Seat Cowl/Passenger Seat
Gilles VCR Rear Sets
Gilles Chain Adjusters TCA Style
Gilles GP Lifters
Stand Spools (yes two sets of lift points on the rear)
Driven 520 Front Sprocket (-1)
Votex Hard Anodized 520 Rear Sprocket (-1, spare)
Driven Hard Anodized 520 Rear Sprocket (+1)
(New in box waiting for install, Driven 520 Front '-1' 16t and AFAM Superlite '+2' 47t)
DID ERV3 520 Chain
(New in box waiting for install, D.I.D. 520ZVMX)
Gilles Titanium Axle Nut
Motivation Frame Sliders
Graves Clutch Slider
Stomp Grip
BMC Race Filter
Red aluminum Pro-Bolts replacement screws for airbox
Competition Werks Fender Eliminator (Limited)
LightTech Quickrelease Keyless Gas Cap
Graves SMOG Blockoff Plates & Removal of PAIR system
NGK Iridium Plugs
Repsol 4T Full Syntethtic Race Oil
No-Mar Tire Changer to keep my wheels pristine
Revolver Quick Turn throttle kit - 50mm reel
Cox's Radiator Guard
Samco Race Radiator hoses - Red
Samco hose clamps
Engine Ice Coolant
Pro-Bolts Titanium drain plug
Various titanium and aluminum replacement hardware, slowly replacing as I have the need/parts.
Partially safety wired

Brakes and Clutch:
Brembo Brake Fluid Reservior
Brembo Clear Brake Fluid Tube
Motul RBF-600 Brake Fliud
Tygon Clear hose (front)
Brembo Clutch Lever
Brembo 19-RCS Master Cylinder
Brembo Remote Brake Fade Adjuster
Brembo Race levers brake and clutch (have the cutout for air on the end)
Brembo HP Billet Calipers with Billet spacers
Titanium Mounting Hardware for Calipers
Brake Tech CMC Rotors
Titanium Mounting Hardware for Rotors
Ferodo Platinum Brake Pads - FDB2042XRAC
Galfer Wave Rotor - Rear
(on order - Brake Tech SS rear rotor)
Brembo HP Under mount rear Caliper
Brembo HP Pads in Rear
Speigler Custom T-Lines Stainless Steel Front - Black
Speigler Custom 700mm Rear Stainless Steel Line - Black

Suspension and Wheels: (All suspension setup by Superbike Italia - superbikesuspension.com - Ken Hall)
BST (Black Stone Tek) Carbon Fiber Front Wheel
BST (Black Stone Tek) Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel
Full Ceramic Ball Bearings for wheels added after
Titanium Cush Drive Pins
Michelin 2CT tires/Diablo Corsa III/Dunlop Q2 (190/55 REAR)
Ohlins R&T Directional forks with Superbike Internals
Ohlins Correct Weight Springs Front and Rear
Ohlins TTX Rear Shock
Scotts Steering Damper (made by Ohlins)
Valter Moto Pre-Load Adjusters "Extreme"

Scorpio Alarm - SR-i600 (makes an appearance depending on where I am going, remove it from the bike to not drain the battery)
Motodynamics Integrated Smoke taillight with sequential turn signals and load resisters
(In a box - Blaster-X Taillight with integrated blinkers in Factory tail housing)
Watsen Design Flushmount Blinkers
Bright White LED Corner market lights
HID Headlights with Slim Ballists - Low Beams 6000K 35w
(In a box - Don't need with AIM MXL Dash because of GPS - Speed-o-Healer v4)
(Never installed, don't need because of AIM Dash - Accumen Gear Indicator)
Bazzaz Zi-Fi Quickshift and Traction Control
Bazzaz Z-AFM Mapping Module
Bazzaz Tracation Control Adjustment and Map Selector Switch
Hella horn - high tone
Ballistic 8-cell battery and balance charger
AIM MXL Pista Dash - Plug and Play for Yamaha
AIM GPS Module
AIM 4-port expansion hub
AIM 32MB Expansion USB Key

When needed
Escort 9500ix installed under the nose hard wired socket
H.A.R.D. In helmet display for Radar Detector
EXO Heated Vest Controller

Still waiting to install
Rizmoa Brake reservoir front
Rizmoa front mounting bracket
Rizmoa brake reservoir rear
Rizmoa Oil fill cap
New Driven sprockets and DID Chain
New Tygon 2375 clear brake fluid hose
(All suspension setup by Superbike Italia - superbikesuspension.com - Ken Hall)
Ohlins R&T Directional forks with Superbike Internals
Ohlins Correct Weight Springs Front and Rear
Ohlins TTX Rear Shock
Scotts Steering Damper (made by Ohlins)
Valter Moto Pre-Load Adjusters "Extreme"
Wheel and Tire
BST (Black Stone Tek) Carbon Fiber Front Wheel
BST (Black Stone Tek) Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel
Full Ceramic Ball Bearings for wheels added after
Titanium Cush Drive Pins
Dunlop Q3/Bridgestone RS10 for street (190/55 REAR)



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