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Showcase cover image for MY2000 748R

General Information

Factory "Performance" option fitted: 45/50 Y link with with Carbon Termi pipes and FIM spec UM241 chip
Found unregistered with elder owner who was reluctant to sell but unable to ride or maintain.
Imported from interstate, torn down and restored over 10 months. Most steps forward were followed by setbacks, the worst being a fuel line split that sparked a fire melting the wiring harness, airbox etc.

Fair few all-nighters put in and a fair few temper tantrums thrown.

I went from head to tail doing as much work as I could myself from small things like new reservoirs and detailing to timing belts, slipper clutch, sprockets and chain, steering head bearings etc etc. Front and rear suspension sent out for rebuild and fairings for respray with new OEM decals - one departure is that the tail is in pearl white (numberplate is a decal).

Further additions include (as well as I can list off):

Ducabike rearsets
Samco hoses
Powdercoated Marchesini's - Black gloss with silver speck (shod with Supercorsa SP1 V3's)
Ducabike Slipper Clutch
Healtech quickshifter
Healtech gear position indicator
Seat covered in Alcantara
Zero Gravity Screen
Strada 7 Levers, grips and bar ends
Oberon Reservoir caps
Warp Speed Radiator Guards
Carbon Fibre timing belt covers, air tube covers, airbox covers, sprocket cover, swingarm cover, hugger/chainguard, keyguard and yoke cover
Preload adjusters
R&G Tank Grips and Protector
Exact Start Conversion
Anodised wheel nuts and various fasteners

*R&G Tail Tidy, Ducabike clutch slave cylinder, ASV shorty levers, Carbon fender & V Piece to be fitted.



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Congratulations! You are going to love it, a special bike to be sure, just had mine out at Chuckwalla Monday, never fails to put a smile on my face.