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Trackday bike.
Wanted a new trackday bike. Had fallen for the grunt of the 2Valve engines. So my choice ended with an wrecked ST2 with 8000miles on the clock. First time out, I was 1 second faster at the local track, than I was on my SRAD gsxr....

Basic bike is st2 (Frame, fueltank/fuelsystem, Wheels and engine)
999 fairing with Monster S4 bellypan
Kawasaki zx6r 2013 rear end
1098 carbon front fender
Standard ST2 front fork with Ohlins springs
Panigale rear shock
Brembo RCS masters
Brembo P4/34 front calipers, standard in the rear
SIL Moto headers, Monster 900 and MIVV slipons
California cycle Works airfilters
Ducati St2 race chip(original Ducati)
999R oilcooler
St4s swingarm
Starlane QS and GPS laptimer
1998 Ducati St2


Wheels where sandblasted, painted and fitted with wheelskinzz
This was my starting point.
Monster S4 bellypan meets 999 fairing.
The Panigale rear shock is way better than I could hope for!
Home made carbon seatpan. Mold was made from plywood.

Steering damper was some old leftover from my former 1988 gsxr.
Wheel and Tire
Starlane QS mounted on its carbon bracket. OEM rev counter and display mounted on a 999 fairing bracket



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G'day Pedersen106,

Like many on the forum, I love this build you have here.
I am looking for fairing options for my 1997/8 ST2 as a slightly sportier commuter tourer, with supersport bars) as I see you've nicely used) or stock bars; I was wondering whether i could ask three questions about your 999 fairing choice and fitting?

1 Was the 999 fairing a particularly good fit, or did you consider other fairings that could have worked? (I'm 'all ears' here - very keen to know!)
2 Did you need to cut/modify on the ST2's steel fairing brackets/supports to fit the 999 fairing? Did you perhaps need make new brackets?
3 I saw your modification to the 999 fairing in 18434.jpg - Was that to get around an obstruction on the ST2 frame/engine, or maybe to accomodate the rider's knees? Or another reason?

I fully understand you may have race/craft secrets you want to keep, of course. (Mind you, you don't need to worry about me as a track competitor or imitator - all my bikes' tyres have 'chicken lines' from never getting a decent lean!)

Any info from you would be very much appreciated and used with discretion of course!

(A polite Queenslander, for a change!)