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Showcase cover image for 02' Titanium 748s

General Information

Titanium Matte

From the moment I saw this livery it went to the top of the list of my dream bikes. I've lusted after one from 2 continents for over a decade.
When I moved back to the United States I was able to find this beauty sitting in a warehouse in my old home town of El Paso. The owner had dreamed of riding it, but it had sat in storage for AGES. Due to her location, she suffered little to no wear on parts, thank you god dry warm climates! A little refresh, and she's back on the road. She's mostly stock, with Arrows (I wish for full Termi) and an Ohlins rear.

She's rare, but not many people care, there seem to be just a few of us superficial enough to lust for a "special" 748, when the same money could get you a 996 or maybe even a 998. I say she is the prettiest of ALL the Tamburini Superbikes. She'll stay mostly stock, all black plastic should be carbon, otherwise she stays stock.
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Love these 748s. I see one or two in SF every now and then. How's the matte paint finish hold up where knees and jacket rub against the tank? On the ST4s, it gets 'polished' to a shine at those locations. Not great.

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as you said, it will eventually become semigloss. I had a monster painted this color a long time ago, when it got it's first scratch and I tried to kinda rub it out I noticed that semi gloss was an inevitable fate of a matte finish. That being said, I'm fine with that, it still looks great!!!!! I would say this bike is about 70% toward semigloss....