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  1. 1000DB big bore kits?

    Thanks for the info..:yeah:, I already have a PCIII on the bike now so Its ready to go when I decide to do the work..
  2. I got my bike

    Looks good,...Id be tempted to yank them frame stickers off though...:think:
  3. 1000DB big bore kits?

    So its kinda in line with the current topic, are any of you guys that are doing a big bore kit and /or cams experiencing any nagging heat issues? I'm considering doing a 944 bbk upgrade to my 900ss but am on the fence about reliability and possible increased heat issues.
  4. If you could own ONLY 1 Duc, which one would it be???

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Thats f'n sweeeeet!
  5. Supersport Pictures - Let's See 'Em

    Here's mine. Sorry for the dark pic (cell phone) 99' 900SS, Bought if from my brother after he bought his 999 new. It's got the Remus Ti slip-ons, PC III USB ex, K&N HF filter, rear fender eliminator kit. I'm debating on tricking it out with a big bore kit, new wheels, and some more billet...
1-5 of 5 Results