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  1. Decals

    I have a pair of decals that might work for you. They read "Ducati super sport 900 coupe." They came off my DP mono cowl. Drop me a line if you want them.
  2. My new scoot

    Chit Chat
    I brought her home last night, rolled in with 20 miles on the odo. It's everything I hoped it would be, but I'll miss my Supersport. Now I can actually ride up to Phx, have lunch with my Pops, and ride back the same day- pain free.
  3. Leaving Ducati.ms

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Well, it seems like I'm just getting used to this place, but it's time to move on. I'm trading my 05 800 SS for an 06 VFR (non ABS) on Wednesday. I love my Duc, but it's a little too racy for my 5'9 frame and the type of riding I do. I'm really anxious to hop on the VFR and start piling up some...
  4. Thoughts on Buell

    Chit Chat
    Thanks guys. The local HD dealer made this a no-brainer. They're selling the bike for $7,999 plus ~ $1,500 in fees! I didn't get a break down, but there are fees for set-up, PDI, $700 freight, Doc, etc... give me a break. When I bought my Duc I paid sales tax, $330 freight and plates. Neat...
  5. Thoughts on Buell

    Chit Chat
    I'm actually considering a Buell XB12S to replace my 800 SS. There are a lot of things I like about the bike, but a few I'm unsure of... I'm looking for some input. Thoughts? Likes- V-twin, belt drive, no $800 service every 6K, good ergos for my 5'9 frame, good parts network, looks unlike...
  6. How much did you pay?

    I'm thinking about ditching my SS in favor of a Multi. Are there deals out there? I'm not looking to pay zero markup, just wondering what you guys paid in relation to MSRP. Anyone else go from a 99-06 SS to a Multi?
  7. How high will your 900ss pull

  8. monocowl

    I'm assuming you're talking about the Ducati Performance piece for a 99-06? If so, the answer is yes. Call Jason at Section 8. While you're on the phone with him, ask him where the hell mine is. (kidding here) Let me know if you need part numbers.
  9. 750ss/800ss general info.

    I'll try to answer a few of your questions. There is a little difference in power between the 750 and 800. Brad Black's website has some real world dyno pulls, and the 800 is a lot closer to the 900 as far as output. Add the closer ratio 6-speed gearbox, and the 800 starts to look pretty good...
  10. Wheels

    blade- when can we expect to see a few pics of the new wheels on the bike?
  11. Supersport Pictures - Let's See 'Em

    Here's my 05 800. Some of you wanted to see pics of the Double Bubble screen. Other mods are Helibars, Evo plate relocator, and Remus high mounts. Red mono cowl on the way... Shine courtesy of Meguiars.
  12. S2R cans [or lack of...]

    Not trying to hi-jack your thread, but that S2R in the Ebay ad looks like ass. Hopefully he's selling it to buy a something he can really represent for the squid-irotti.
  13. Underseat storage w/ solo seat

    My Ducati Performance solo seat should be here within a week. I'm planning on replacing the OEM wellnuts with Dzus fasteners so I can access the under seat storage without tools. My question; Do you still need a key to get the seat off? The cowl comes with a new bracket, but I can't tell from...
  14. Supersport Pictures - Let's See 'Em

    italia- Very nice, yours is like a yellow book-end to my red 05 800. How does it run with the Termi's and open airbox? What changes did you make to the ECU?
  15. Ducati Project, No expense spared!!!

    Better than porn. Thanks for the links.
1-15 of 15 Results