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  1. Air Filters - Stock vs Aftermarket, and Airbox Resonance

    Hall of Wisdom
    This is what I did....total cost $4.30. Runs great and acceleration is better then it has been in years. Go figure. ?
  2. SBK Round2 Thailand

    Road Racing
    The Kawi boys seem to be rolling...again. Ducati's Chaz Dives seems to be our only hope this year ...again. Giugliano is being ........ Giugliano. The Supersport race was great. If this is a sign for the rest of the year then SSP will be the races to watch and not SBK. We Americans may have a...
  3. Daytona 200

    Road Racing
    I work in Daytona....actually across the street from the Speedway. I'd be cool to meet you. Have a great race.
  4. License plate

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I used to have "EAT-N-HOG" , went over well at Bike Week. Lol I like "DUCAT1" , simple to the point. I also like "PROVEN" , a little hint to those that always want to race ya.
  5. WSBK Philip Island **Spoilers**

    Road Racing
    FLORIDA Bein Sport TV watcher.
  6. WSBK Philip Island **Spoilers**

    Road Racing
    Never aired race 1 here....what the ****? Race 2 was on Saturday night....?....what the ****? Starting off well.
  7. BSB air in America.....PLEASE !

    Road Racing
    Now that Bein is airing GP , SBK , and MotoA...let's get BSB on there now. THAT would make life complete.
  8. Air Filters - Stock vs Aftermarket, and Airbox Resonance

    Hall of Wisdom
    I would prefer these but not at the expense of a ton of other adjustments. Just not that tech savey. :frown2:
  9. Go away Rossi.........>

    Road Racing
    This is about Rossi & Ducati....not Stoner. The stat chart is a numbers game anyway ,cool , but doesn't really prove anything. Were do ya find those things anyway ? In the end Ducati is in a no win situation. If they succeed...its because of Rossi. If Rossi fails its because of Ducati. And...
  10. Go away Rossi.........>

    Road Racing
    The only rider I ever really liked was Doohan. Though Ducati wasn't racing GP's in his time I've never really cared who was riding them as long as the bike won. I'm a Ducati fan first ,rider second. I don't care if its Mickey Mouse on the Ducati...just finish first. Another thought. If Rossi...
  11. Go away Rossi.........>

    Road Racing
    TROLLS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. :D Why am I the troll , because I blame Ducati for putting all there hope in Rossi , or because I don't see Rossi as a god like the rest of the moto world ? I think Ducati wanting Rossi so bad over the years was no more than a huge PR move...just like Hayden...
  12. Go away Rossi.........>

    Road Racing
    After reading some articles in this months Road-Racing World I'm under the impression that Rossi is not good for Ducati. Stoner seemingly had no real issues with the Desmo and along comes Rossi and Ducati is left scratching there heads. He's complaining no front end feel , there changing frame...
  13. Edwards & Capirossi To World Superbike?

    Road Racing
    Good point....so he better hurry up.;) Speaking of lately not a decade ago.:p
  14. Edwards & Capirossi To World Superbike?

    Road Racing
    If your not on a factory ride in GP...why stay. You've got better chances in SBK to compete for a podium on a privateer ride (or semi-factory ride). :p Edwards & Capirossi should have made that jump back years ago. There chances of glory may be gone now due to age. Should have followed Max. :cool:
  15. 748 turns over won't start

    My 996 is doing the exact same thing except I don't hear the whinning of the fuel pump no more. :think:
  16. Ducati is building an aluminum frame

    Road Racing
    One of these days I see Ducati going against there own traditional custom ways of design and engineering in order to compete with an industy thats leaving them behind scratching there heads. Lets face it , MotoGp is leaving us behind and in SBK we have to up 200cc's to compete with the...
  17. Mid Ohio VS Indy Track?

    Road Racing
    Indy sucks...its for cars. Most of the tracks used for bikes in America suck. Oval infield configs'...?...its a Nascar nation with bikes taking a back seat. :rolleyes:
  18. My Wife Rocks!

    Chit Chat
    She brought you a urine sample...?
  19. AMA Infineon Superbike/DMG Spoiler

    Road Racing
    The AMA is good again. :yeah:
  20. Mladin Comeback?

    Road Racing
    Give the figure of speech some room...of course he's better than me. :rolleyes: I say he's a joke because his 7 titles mean nothing > and tell me nothing about him. You can't honestly tell me one team (Yosh) can win some 57 races in a row without some shady dealings somewere...? They only got...
1-20 of 230 Results