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  1. 999 Engine overhaul/balancing/valve job

    Tech Forum
    I have my engine apart replacing a bad connecting rod bearing and am wondering if there are any "must replace/upgrade" parts outside of the obvious things like seals and gaskets. Im working on my parts list and plan on replacing: -rod bearings(big end) -rod bolts -piston circlips -all gaskets...
  2. 999-Copper in sump filter

    Thanks guys, after running my oil through a fine screen I found a couple larger pieces that were in the bottom of my catch pan. Looks like I'll be tearing it down for sure. Are factory bearings the only option out there or are there some better bearings available? Hoping the crank isn't f&^%$d.
  3. 999-Copper in sump filter

    Yes, there are 3-4 flakes like that but that is the largest piece. The bike has just at 16,000 miles on it, and this is the first time I have cleaned that screen since I bought it last fall, so I dont know the last time it has been cleaned prior to me owning it. Discovered the flywheel nut had...
  4. 999-Copper in sump filter

    Went to change the oil in my bike (06 999) today and noticed a few small pieces of copper in the sump filter. Cut the spin on filter open and nothing to speak of in there. Do I have a rod bearing going out or could it possibly be something else producing the copper pieces?
  5. Whadda Ya Listinen To Right Now?

    Chit Chat
    On chill mode today.....:grin2:
  6. Clutch hub roll pin

    Tech Forum
    So I'm in the process of replacing the clutch and basket in my 999 and it appears whoever had it apart last sheared the roll pin for the lockwasher/nut bushing off of the drum. It has an aftermarket hub(SSR I beleive) and the pin was aluminum, so easily damaged. Is it okay to run without that...
  7. Racetech Gold Valve vs. Ohlins

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    Cool.....I was just curious if a re-valved Showa would perform as well as getting an Ohlins and rebuilding it......the re-valve is definitely a lot cheaper and the Showa is already sprung for my weight.
  8. Racetech Gold Valve vs. Ohlins

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    Looking at doing some suspension upgrades on my 06 999......currently has the Showa rear shock. Is it worth messing around putting a Racetech valve in the Showa or should I try and get a hold of a used Ohlins rear shock? I don't do any track days, just mildly aggressive street and touring, but...
  9. New member

    Welcome and Introduction
    Hey guys, new guy from Nebrasaka. Picked up my first Duc this year, an 06 999. Not new to the motorcycle world but new to Ducatis. Absolutely love my bike so far
1-9 of 9 Results