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  1. Deals Gap trip

    Its funny, this picture is my desktop, but it is not the picture you took, but the picture I took. Literally almost every aspect is the same, angle, focal point, etc. Just funny to see.
  2. Monster loom on my 750ss Cafe Racer

    I realize this is a little late, you may have already figured it out but I used a monster harness in my project too. I can take a look tonight to see what it is for if you still don't know.
  3. Has Ducati Lost Its Way - Again?

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    This would be better.
  4. Touring Bike Questions

    Northern California
    I have an older GSF1200s (they now have the 1250) that I tour on, and for me it is a great middle ground for comfort and sport. A lot of the "standard" bikes make good tourers as long as you outfit them properly and seeing as you are planning to do shorter trips (not cross country or something)...
  5. How to install slip-ons?

    When putting them on I find that it helps to keep everything fairly loose until you are finished. Get the bolt lined up and in a few turns, move to the next one, otherwise it can be difficult to get all of them to line up proper if there is even a slight bit of misalignment in the header pipes.
  6. 1996 Headlight Mounting Bracket

    What do you think of this? This is the product page, seem to have hardware for just about all for tubes. Full "Solid" Bracket Kits
  7. 1996 Headlight Mounting Bracket

    Not sure to find that one specifically but your other option is to get a bracket off a Monster. Easy to find those and it would keep the parts under the Ducati brand.
  8. First MotoGP, need advice

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    They should be able to, I brought someone in who didn't have their own Ducati.
  9. First MotoGP, need advice

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    If I am understanding what area you are referring to, and it is like Indy, the Ducati Island only requires you have proof of Ducati ownership to get in.
  10. First MotoGP, need advice

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    Second bringing earplugs.
  11. 600ss Charge light gone out

    To be honest I'm not sure, I've never tried to use one that wasn't OEM. The Haynes manual does have the necessary wiring diagram though, so try tracing the wires back to other connections within the harness that share that circuit to see if you have a break somewhere. This should let you isolate...
  12. 600ss Charge light gone out

    You'll have to start checking for continuity in the system at the various levels of the wiring harness. Do you have a wiring diagram for your bike?
  13. Digital Dash

    I'm installing a trailtech vapor on my SS in the next few weeks, I can let you know how it goes.
  14. 900ss Tachometer Ratio

    Thank you, I appreciate it.
  15. Should I buy this 900ss

    I got my 900 for $2k a few years ago and it was in really good condition. Last I was looking around I was seeing 900SS' going for around $3k in good nick. I'd keep looking around. I have opted to do a naked conversion too, I'm by no means an expert in the area but feel free to ask me questions...
  16. 900ss Tachometer Ratio

    Does anyone happen to know off-hand what the ratio is for the stock 900ss tachometer? I'm trying to find a small tachometer instead of the stock and I need to know the ratio before buying one. Thanks in advance! Edit: The bike is a 1995.
  17. Holy insurance quote

    No, as far as I know it is a special pool of cash reserved for situations where a rider is essentially left completely maimed or in a vegetative state. Obviously, motorcycles on average have far worse injuries than the car going public, so they make us pay for that. My insurance is pretty much...
  18. High mileage carbie s.sport

    Seems like a lot of these high mileage examples are asking low mileage prices. I think if you look around, you will find some with 15k miles in the <$3500 range.
  19. Holy insurance quote

    Seems like a lot of you guys get off lucky, in Michigan we have Michigan catastrophic that jacks the rates sky high. You look at the cost for the insurance component only and it seems fine, then you look at the next column and the catastrophic is pretty much the majority of the overall cost.
  20. Age Discrimination..

    21. 1995 900SS/SP. I'm 23 now.
1-20 of 275 Results