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  1. What is the voltage on your Shorai battery before starting the engine?

    Or I just turn on the ignition for a minute before I try and start the bike when its been outdoors in the cold (which is really rare since Im dating a girl who also has an attached garage). The current from the ignition, headlight, etc warms it up.
  2. What is the voltage on your Shorai battery before starting the engine?

    Same thing but not as convinced its the shorai charger. I had one but it fell off the shelf and broke and havent used it in years. I went through a few traditional batteries on the MV Agusta (Yuasa and the like) and got one of these because they are more shelf stable and the smaller bat...
  3. Trackday Picture Thread

    Slowly getting more comfortable.
  4. Went down on a watermelon...

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    See that word I quoted? Do you have evidence that JC Penny was NOTIFIED of the issue? Most govt liability cases also require you notify the city/county/state of the deficiency before they will pay out. Right now it looks like you KNEW of the issue, did not notify the property owner of the...
  5. 2020 V4S. Now with wings (and V4R fairing?)

    Guess its just responding. Didnt the H2 and Aprilia already have that (although the Aprilia is like a spar)? Its wholly unnecessary but whatever, 90% of these bikes are bought by brand fans that are never actually going to USE them. Heck even my 848 hadnt been on the shoulders of the tires...
  6. Trackday Picture Thread

    Youre getting far over. My first time running intermediate at Barber. Fun track with perfect tarmac, I just have a lot to work on getting my top half lower.
  7. Barber Vintage Festival

    Travel, GPS Chat and Ride Tales
    I was there the whole weekend (rode in and camped Thurs-Sun). Its definitely a pilgrimage for any rider, vintage or not. I was on my Guzzi though, dont own a "ride 3 hours with 60lbs of gear on the pillion" compatible ducati. Next year look in lot B for the "Terminus" sign. Lot of Ducati...
  8. Trackday Picture Thread

    3rd time out on the Ducati, Talladega GP. Worked with an instructor on a 1098 so he was familiar with the riding position, etc and helped me with some tweaks.
  9. Black Ice of Summer

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Yeah Im always aiming for where other tires have been, do it in the car and on the bike. Let someone else plow the road for you.
  10. Storing Bike in the House?

    No issues on my end. I just drained the tank because I chatted with the insurance agent and they did say there was something in the contract about "fuel containers in the living spaces." As long as you let them cool though I havent noticed any real smell outside of new tire smell. They also...
  11. Ducati DDA (Not +, the one for the 1098/848/etc) on a Windows 10 64 bit PC

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    One question, looks like for another $100-150 I can get a B online. Other than being less of a PITA is there any real functionality in the B over the A with respect to the output?
  12. Ducati DDA (Not +, the one for the 1098/848/etc) on a Windows 10 64 bit PC

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Damn wish I had known that I would have looked for the B version. Ok so I got the old DDA software to work with Windows 7, and got the driver to work in windows 7 as well. Ive got a buddy with an XP machine he keeps around for old diag software for a myriad of bikes and am going to go try and...
  13. Ducati DDA (Not +, the one for the 1098/848/etc) on a Windows 10 64 bit PC

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Anyone get this working on a new PC? Ive got one that is windows 10 64 bit and I cant get the driver to recognise the device, I just get a generic device in device manager. This is including downloading the new package from prosa that says it should support windows 10. I sent feedback but its...
  14. Superbike picture thread...

    Do your block outs have turn signals or just the plates.
  15. Trackday Picture Thread

    Little Tally, first time on the track with the Ducati: Barber Motorsports Park (aka Mecca), second time on the Ducati:
  16. 2009 848 won't start - I have read all forum posts and can't find the problem

    Back in the old days, yes, but now they put protection circuits in and if its not getting the voltage it wants it scrams. My Guzzi did this too when it had a weak, but not dead, battery. Dash, lights, etc all fine but once you hit start the dash would flash for a split second, click, nothing...
  17. Superbike picture thread...

    Remembering how to go around corners after a few years off.
  18. Kendon MC Trailers

    Apparel and Accessory Chat
    I have the regular "stand-up" trailer. Its plenty overbuilt for a Ducati, it barely knows my 848 is on it. Has big wheels/tires so I have had no issues speeding on the highway with it behind a BMW 3 series. I did a 400 mile round trip on it without an issue. Unless you want dual rails or...
  19. 3rd Italian bike but first Ducati

    Welcome and Introduction
    I just bought an 848 Evo Corse as a track/mountain bike. Planning on doing some tweaking but nothing major for now other than throwing some fiberglass on it to protect the expensive factory panels from abuse, some lighter wheels and an adjustable rear link to setup the suspension correctly...
1-19 of 19 Results