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  1. FS: KNOX Hand Armour Handroid Glove Red V14

    Bump $190.00 now. Forgot to put I only accept paypal!
  2. FS: KNOX Hand Armour Handroid Glove Red V14

    Selling Knox Handroid Red V14 Gloves for $200.00. used once, size Large. reason for selling is glove is too big for me. still new hasn't broken in only used once for 10 minute ride to test them out. These gloves are $269 brand new. PM or email [email protected] if interested. I have kept them...
  3. Fs: 2002 900 ss

    Wow... She's a beauty, looks perfectly preserved :O man good job keeping her in that pristine condition.
  4. Ouch This is Going To Hurt My Wallet

    Ouch! well atleast it didn't fall on you. is that the ducati rear stand I was thinking of getting one and was wondering if it is a decent stand.
  5. New Ducati owner/forum member

    Welcome and Introduction
    Grats on your new superbike!!! Panigale for life!! Enjoy her well
  6. Daily commuter backpacks

    Apparel and Accessory Chat
    Ogio No Drag Mach 5 I use the Ogio Do Drag Mach 5. has plenty of room and can even fit a laptop that is 14 inches. also I tested it in the rain and it keeps everything nice and dry. Had this backpack for over 2 years still hasn't had any tears.
  7. GSXR front flip

    Chit Chat
    Holy ****! Good thing he was wearing gear could of been a lot worse
  8. So many superlegerras!!!

    Chit Chat
    Yes that was ducati Miami in Florida. About a month ago they had just 1. Now they got 4 more.
  9. So many superlegerras!!!

    Chit Chat
    Someone that works there told me that only 3 are sold. Last 2 are waiting for anyone. Man if I were rich I'd have one.
  10. So many superlegerras!!!

    Chit Chat
    I went today to my local ducati dealer and saw this... 5 superlegerra my god... Such a beautiful site.
  11. New sport classic owner

    Sport Classic
    Any pics of your beauty?
  12. Cleaning rims...... how do you keep them

    WD40+1 works great to get rid of grease and those tough stains. After that I use the same soap I use to wash my bike.
  13. Picking up my 10' SFS Saturday!!

    Grats on your streetfighter! Nice it already has termis and ohlins. Is that a carbon front fender?
  14. How come nothing disappears in the Bermuda Triangle any more?

    Chit Chat
    It's taking a break. Got tired of working all day shift for over 50 years.
  15. new owner sc 1000s in San Diego

    Welcome and Introduction
    Wow congrats. She's a beauty!
  16. New 748 Owner

    Welcome and Introduction
    Grats on your bike!! Love the color scheme
  17. Ever had Heat Stroke?

    Chit Chat
    I remember one day in Florida the temperature was at 98 degrees F, was riding full leathers on my pani boy I almost felt like collapsing when I got home. Heat is unbearable in those temperatures. Bought mesh jacket and pants now it's WAY better love the air flow I get from them.
  18. Dallas

    Sport Classic
    Nice pics and bike. Hopefully one day I'll have a SC :)
1-20 of 26 Results