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  1. 999 front fender on SC GT 1000?

    Sport Classic
    Yea, like ticktock said, the 749/999 holes line up differently. Only one hole-mount on the front piece and one on the rear piece, which doesn't line up to anything on our bikes. Another option is the 916 fender. I swapped out the originals on both my Sport Classics for the 916 fenders which...
  2. Whadda Ya Listinen To Right Now?

    Chit Chat
    I went to see these guys here in Atlanta at Terminal West about a week ago. They put on a pretty good show.
  3. Red 1000s numbers made for the US

    Sport Classic
    Yea, I can see that. Just wanted to see if this was new information I had never heard before.
  4. Red 1000s numbers made for the US

    Sport Classic
    There is a red 1000s for sale on ebay at the moment. The owner may be on this forum, I do not know. But he states that there were only 60 red 1000s bikes made for the USA. Has anyone heard this before. I remember there was a thread awhile back that gave numbers for the Sport Classic's that were...
  5. Terblanche's new design

    Sport Classic
    I just saw an article with the price tag.... Quote from BikeExif.com
  6. Terblanche's new design

    Sport Classic
    Yes, that was what I meant to write. Thanks for picking that up Rex.
  7. Terblanche's new design

    Sport Classic
    It has a slipper clutch and is water cooled. The other thing it has is a sound generator. https://www.rideapart.com/articles/381645/bst-hypertek-electric-motorcycle-terblanche/
  8. NCR - lack of quality.....?

    Sport Classic
    I wouldn't give up. I would let them know that you were thinking of purchasing their exhaust but not now due to the customer service given on your clutch cover.
  9. What Did You Do To Your SC Today?

    Sport Classic
    That should be the DP Performance ECU.....someone else can confirm.
  10. What the hell is up with the 1098 Dry Clutch??

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Next time you start your bike you might want to look around for this guy...
  11. What Did You Do To Your SC Today?

    Sport Classic
    Glad your ok. Really did a number on your bike. I was also wondering where you had been and it looks like it was the hospital!
  12. 525 chain on 520 sprockets

    Tech Forum
    When I used to live in downtown Atlanta and had nowhere to work on my bike, I had a shop put on a new chain and sprockets on my 05 Thruxton. I rode it for a few years and when I finally went to replace it, I noticed the guy put on 525 sprockets and a 530 chain. I wouldn't recommend it but I...
  13. Whadda Ya Listinen To Right Now?

    Chit Chat
    All Stewart!
  14. Whadda Ya Listinen To Right Now?

    Chit Chat
    Don't know if any of you watch Rick Beato's YouTube Channel, lives here in Atlanta and has such a wealth of information on all of his videos. Most of the time he has all of the master tracks which really is nice to hear each individual track by itself and to listen to him explain all of the...
  15. Paul Smart and 1000S Farings

    Sport Classic
    I live in Atlanta, so there could be something to this....
  16. Paul Smart and 1000S Farings

    Sport Classic
    I've got 4 fairings. Two are used one off a 1000s and one off a Paul Smart, not that it matters that I bought from ebay or here and the two original fairings on my PS and 1000s and none of these have signs of cracking around the mirrors and I do still run the original mirrors on them.
  17. LOOKING FOR: Monoposto (single shock) Swingarm for a Sport Classic

    Parts and Accessories
    I've got one off a Paul Smart I bought for a future build but I actually want to go in the direction of the dual-shock rear end. I might be willing to let it go but I would first have to have a swingarm from a dual shock. It took me forever to find one and it cost me a pretty-penny as well.
  18. New project -wrecked 06 red sport 1000

    Sport Classic
    So what shape is the rest of the bike in? What kind of wreck was it in? Like Belter said, you can flash the ecu to work without the keys or even the cluster. There is a guy on ebay that can flash the ecu to "Run the bike without cluster and without keys" for $99. I haven't used his services...
  19. GT 1000 cut out w strange symptoms

    Sport Classic
    He could just siphon out as much as possible, then put in fresh gas. That's what I did when I let my PS sit for too long. Before trying to crank it with gas that had been sitting for well over a year.
  20. Help: Airbox, Termis - Unreliable

    Sport Classic
    If he (original owner) got the Termi's at an early date, he most likely had the ecu that came with it and replaced the original one. After a few years, not sure when, they stopped including the ecu with the Termi's, so you had to remap your ecu or find one if you could. You should be able to...
1-20 of 471 Results