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  1. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    I hear you! California has some of the best riding roads. If I lived down there, my bike would certainly have a lot more miles on it. Glad to see you're still checking in. It seems like ever since the updates that it's slowed down in this section.
  2. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    Bike is looking beautiful as ever! :) Thanks for the updated pic, you keep it very clean. Our bikes are very close in weight. Yes, the stock battery is crazy heavy compared to a lithium variant isn't it! Great weight saving. (This new updated forum design is taking some time for me to get used...
  3. Hypermotard Picture Thread...

    Cool bike, cool dog! :)
  4. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    :surprise: Wow, the outlet is certainly something to behold! I can't imagine how loud that must be, especially magnified by the wide opening. Unless there's a hidden baffle, you must be taking the old saying of "they can hear you coming" to a whole new level. I think my 2-1 Termi system is loud...
  5. Bike World 950SP Review

    Nice to see some reviews finally, I'm anxious to ride one! Even a little air time here and there too in the review.
  6. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    Fifty thou, that's some serious Hyper-ing! :) Nice job. Hey, what kind of exhaust is that? Factory mufflers shortened? Any more pics?
  7. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    Awesome! Sometimes those kinds of rides are the best! :smile2:
  8. 5 Seattle area motorcycle dealerships close down including Ducati Redmond & Seattle

    Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    5 Seattle area motorcycle dealerships closed down including Ducati Redmond & Seattle...
  9. Official Thread: 1st Gen Air Cooled HM Chat

    Looking good, JB! Thanks for the pic! :smile2: Do you ride all year round?
  10. The Stable - when you know you've gone over the DEEP end

    Great collection of bikes and nice taste!
  11. Sold the Hyper :(

    Wow, what a nice clean looking Hyper. I'm guessing it was fairly low on miles too judging by the absence of rock chips on the front end paint. Very nice looking, love the first shot, that really captures the Hyper! Your story sounds very similar to mine! We're actually one year apart in age. I...
  12. New project... What have I done :D '10 EVO SP

  13. 2011 - 1198 Fully Custom $50K Invested!

    eBay Auction Links Section
    Cool bike! Like you said, you wouldn't be able to recreate it for that price. :grin2: I'll have to claim guilty as charged on that one. I don't think I'm making a profit on any of my hobbies, I do it for fun/enjoyment.
  14. Hypermotard Picture Thread...

    Went on a nice Saturday morning back road ride with my dad who rode his Rocket lll.
  15. Engine paint peeling

    This member had the same issue, check out his solution. https://www.ducati.ms/forums/92-hypermotard/704961-hyprmotard-1100-evo-sp-rebuild.html
  16. 2011 HM Evo SP - Handling Issues

    Getting the suspension adjusted for your weight helps a lot. Had a local reputable suspension shop set mine up. My SP was set very stiff in the front and after softening it up it's helped a lot with feel. When I climbed on it before, it was only the rear shock that would compress and now the...
  17. New project... What have I done :D '10 EVO SP

    Could go with a stock muffler system that's been cored (or do it yourself if you wish) on that bike; they're readily available and you'd save some funds for other fixes/repairs. Yikes, always discouraging to see that type of thing on a Duc but it's great when they change into better hands like...
  18. New project... What have I done :D '10 EVO SP

    Congrats on the new project, keep us posted on it. How many miles are on it just out of curiosity? Interesting muffler, almost looks like one off a stock Japanese sport bike. Yeah, that'd be the first thing to go, at least seeing it off the bike is better than nothing while I work on fixing the...
  19. 2011 evo 1100 low seat

    Ducati made a low "comfort" seat and also a stepped racing seat (firm) that is a bit lower than stock height but not as low as the low "comfort" seat. Might want to start with putting a 'want' ad in the classified section here to source one of these...
  20. 2011 Hypermotard 1100 Evo SP

    Hi and welcome! Congrats on your exciting new Hyper. If I were the new owner, I'd be interested to know when the services were last performed: ie; belts, brake/clutch master fluids, valve adjustment(s)... Post up some pictures and congrats again! Nice choice! :)
1-20 of 192 Results