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  1. Desmo Tail Section by C2D

    This is a 9 year old thread ....
  2. 996 steering stem nut won't loosen, turns the entire stem instead

    "belt and braces" = "belt and suspenders" .... meaning using an abundance of caution ... (for us Americans not familiar with the term). A nearly arcane turn of phrase considering it was coined nearly 100 years back in the UK. Definitely not Twitter speak. :giggle:
  3. Any chemical engineers in the room?

    ... fekkin yuk ... good luck!
  4. GIFs

    Community Help
    What's weird is that this GIF doesn't animate when I'm just looking at your post, but as soon as I clicked on ~reply~ to quote your post the GIF animates in the edit window ... been this way since the first day of the new format. And I have the same trouble as you do Yorik ... they don't work...
  5. Dumb-a$$ of the season award, could use some help.

    ... maybe one of those grasping claw tools used for getting ahold of wayward nuts/washers? .... I suppose you could sortof fish around in the tank with it if you're unable to actually see the seal. Maybe you'll get as lucky as you were unlucky ??????
  6. New Corvette's design team openly acknowledges using Ducati design for inspiration

    Chit Chat
    And it's a MID ENGINE, too!! Hot damn! I wonder if it will be competitive with the Ford GTs (which are also mid engine car) and the go-faster BMWs at ~GT~ races these days? I'm guessing the MSRP will be WAY out of your average gamook's financial reach .... just like most of the other high end...
  7. New Corvette's design team openly acknowledges using Ducati design for inspiration

    Chit Chat
    I don't agree. First, the OP of this thread never said or implied that any Ducati was "the main focus" during the 2020 Covette's design phase. Second, look at the lines of the vents on the sides of the car ... and look at the lines of the bike pictured in the article. Note the angular lines...
  8. New Corvette's design team openly acknowledges using Ducati design for inspiration

    Chit Chat
    Woa! 37,000 preorders! Dayum son! Quoted from the article ..... "We wanted to approach this from the aspect where we weren't covering our sins by putting a big, honking plastic cover over our engine, we wanted to scale back on the plastic and show more of the engine," said Guy Samuels...
  9. Regulator/Rectifier Check

    Sport Touring
    Quoting this thread from the Hall Of Wisdom subforum ..... https://www.ducati.ms/threads/important-do-not-post-here-before-reading-this-this-means-you.12360/#post-724060 "Please DO NOT start new threads with general questions here, use the Ducati Chat or model specific forums for that."...
  10. 70s-80s Superbike racing thread ... The Diesels.

    Road Racing
    Pops Yoshimura.
  11. FS: 900SSie swingarm

    Parts and Accessories
    I reckon this'll move pretty quick .....
  12. 70s-80s Superbike racing thread ... The Diesels.

    Road Racing
    Only one this time. A late model Kawasaki Z900RS (2018 or 2019) ... homage to Pikes Peak bikes. Just a sweetheart of a motorcycle. I have a disease.
  13. Lithium battery

    You're so right, he'd have you for company.. :giggle: 🇺🇲
  14. 'Nuther Surgery in the books

    Chit Chat
    Yup ..... Get well enough to pick up the geetar again ... music is medicine! (me on one of my 6 string basses .... Ampeg SVT 300 watt tube head, Ampeg HLF610 front ported 6x10 cab ... band practice ... a few years ago).
  15. Did I read that right?... Streetfighter V4S - 208HP!!

    ... bragging rights by owners of the bike ... it stops and ends there ... there's no other point in owning a bike with 200+ hp and aerodynamic components that totally contradict each other (just as you pointed out .... wingies without a full fairing or windshield ..... makes as much sense as a...
  16. El Spaino 2019 MotoGP (Valencia) Spoiler

    Road Racing
    Some will see it as a bittersweet moment ... glad to see him taking a smart path to protect his body ... and at the same time lament his absence from the sport as a racer.
  17. 'Nuther Surgery in the books

    Chit Chat
    God speed Chuck. Your positive attitude carries a shitload of power .... cling to that. You're a good man, I can only hope the best for you. Hang tough, good sir. Hang tough. And keep that smile a smilin' .....
  18. Ohlins forks on S4RS very stiff

    Well put. You're squarely aligned on positive forward steps.
  19. El Spaino 2019 MotoGP (Valencia) Spoiler

    Road Racing
    I'm sure there will be plenty of tears shed .... some from Jorge himself. His fans will be happy to see him, and sad to see the end of an era. I really feel for the guy .... must be a total bitch to retire out due to injuries. At the same time, I'm proud of his accomplishments .... 5 titles...
1-20 of 191 Results