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  • DropLock ·
    Hey Warp,

    Happy New Year. News on this front is finally all good. The major stresses that plagued last year are over, I had a big win and am now free to go and do whatever I want.

    I've just returned from a couple of weeks in Cairns and am rather tempted to move there as it offers some great roads and the tropic temps. I'm still thinking of moving to Thailand but I must admit after reading so much at the Thai Visa Forum I'm a little less encouraged. Actually at this stage I'm going to pursue whether I may be able to train under this Victorian guy who's a known "horse whisperer". He introduced his techniques to Indian elephants and I believe has started a program with Asian elephants. If I could get on board with that, that would be my dream so will see what comes.

    1098s is fab. Just had new springs installed front and rear. Wow what a difference suspension makes!. Loving it.

    Hope you and your family are well,

    Best wishes,

    Warp Racer ·
    Hi Mike,
    Yeah that's true. DOn't frequent the R1 forum much these days, but pop in once in a blue moon. I have a 999S now, beautiful bike.
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