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  • chairmanpato ·
    I saw your black 999 exhaust cover, it looks great. Is that the OEM cover painted black? I'll pay the shipping for it if the other guy doesn't take it.
    Nove-R ·
    I've read your current thread about your engine troubles.
    My 999r motor spun a big end con rod shell bearing at about 3000 miles. Absolutely not abused, no reason that it should have happened, other than faulty parts or assembly from the factory.
    It's entirely possible for a non-abused engine to grenade- it's a Ducati. IMHO, you MUST take your engine apart, replace the shell bearings, inspect everything, re-torque all bolts, and flush any metal bits out of it. If ONE shard of metal, no matter how small, gets into the con rod bearing journal, or into the cam shaft area, then those parts will be destroyed. It's not worth just buttoning the motor back up and hoping for the best. Your sense of well-being after you do will be well worth the time and money you'll spend.

    Good luck, let me know if I can help at all or answer any questions.

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