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  • TomTom ·
    70mm stacks are no good, well sort of...I use one 90 and one 70 to make an even powercurve. Kämna are infamous of bragging powercurves.

    MWR is the producer that has got my attention, MWR AIRFILTERS
    I used them long before I knew it was them, now I know wilco the owner and he is a true ducati fan. Long story short when I tuned my 996sps there was one filter that stood out, DT1, later I learned that wilco at MWR designed it but they split, and now MWR is MWR and the intelligence is preserved.
    Italianbllr3 ·
    Hi TomTom,

    Would you have information on this intake kit and it's advantages other than what is described on the item?

    BMC Intake Kit CRF482/08AF for Ducati 1098 S 2007-2008 | eBay

    GM Cycles (see link ----> Softail, Tour items in GM Cycles store on eBay!) is the ebay store where this item is.

    I did order these and they are on the way from Germany: Ducati Aprilia Kämna - Tuning-Parts Catalog

    Their shop have used this on 1098R: Ducati Aprilia Kämna - Tuning-Parts Catalog

    I was wondering if you may be able to provide more information, as no one has experience with them(seems like it anyway).
    Sinner- ·
    i started to put back the parts today.. until the "D" moment.. i broke a piston ring.

    the first one from the bottom - the oil ring - the one with the spring in it.
    the big shit is that on 17th may i have race in slovakia, but until then no dealer can bring up the part here in CZ they have some holy fucking days and no one is working....

    i was wondering if it happens that you could have one of this shit for 748. is it possible?

    thank you
    topher5657 ·
    Thanks for your help so far with my "endevure" of installing the 748R tbs. What do you think might be a list of what I need in order to properly make these work? Also, is it safe just to re-map the ecu or is a PCIII needed no matter what? The shop told me no to the PCIII... thank you for your help so far TomTom. If I don't answer right away then I'll get back to you tonight (college runs my life right now).

    marko748 ·
    hi tom, re 999 into 748. please could you tell me if 999 oil cooler fits behind standard 748 bodywork ,also if 999 crank sensor will be ok with 748 ecu (jhp chip), power commander3 also any other issues, im going to use 748 throttles /injectors . thanks for your time, mark.
    josephc8383 ·
    Hello Tom. In a post you mention reprogramming a 749 ecu to 999 specs. I just dropped a 999s motor in my 749s frame and a downloaded dynojet 999s map is way off because of my ECU. Can you please tell me more about the reprogramming? Effects on the immobilizer...? Can't a dyno tuner make the necessary adjustments from my current 749 ECU settings. Cost and turn around time of reprogramming? Thanks.

    Aksl ·
    Tom, hello, i really liked your project, the 996-1198, i have a duc 996 for the last tree years, it’s my first duc, before for almost 18 year I was stuck with the Japanese bikes. I haven’t been doing nothing with my sps, and just now started working on it. I wonder if you can give me a hand on some info with the Ducati, all of the info i find is a little confusing for me.
    badass916sp ·
    Hi Tom Tom,

    Wondering what you think about remapping my 916SP3 ECU or maybe changing to a PowerCommander so my local dyno shop can tweak it. What are you views on this? Is it worth it? Thanks. alexxx
    Fledge ·

    In one forum thread you mention re-programming iaw 59m ecu's (thread was re: 998 but my st4s uses same ecu)

    I've managed to break one of the pins on the ecu connector (one that brings in the sidestand down signal). i've temp worked around that by soldering a ground link to what's left of the pin but i'd prefer to disable the ecu from checking that signal line to make the repair a bit more robust

    Hence i'm looking at the various tools and some reliable info on the 59m itself

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