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  • GreyDuck ·
    Steve has an Acropovic system on his HP2,he recently got some stainless steel headers.Still sounds a bit quiet for my liking.I'm not sure if his muffler is still baffled???
    I have heard a beemer with a full Laser system,sounded pretty horn.
    One day soon the GT will meet the GS :)
    GreyDuck ·
    That's great Jase, can't wait to meet the Bavarian princess.
    Congrats on the garage sale,looks like most of it sold.
    Doh! the GT is still languishing under a blanket.
    I'm definetly booking in with Pro Twin next week.
    Godfather ·
    Stressfest...Hey mate.... Godfather here.How are you?
    Miss the other site { Hacked } Hope all is well?
    Hope to see lot's of you on this site?
    Enjoying this forum it's great!!
    Ciao Godfather ;-)
    GreyDuck ·
    No the old girl is sulking under a bike cover.
    Awaiting a few more $$ to hit the bank before I can book her in.
    Glad you got the levers working again.
    We will ride once more....one day.
    GreyDuck ·
    No I still have'nt done anything about rims.Me thinks I could be up for $$$ on the service.
    I'll call Frasers today & book a spot.
    The only plus is Ducatis still look good even when they are not running!!
    GreyDuck ·
    Doh BIke still out of action.
    I'm going to send it to Pro Twin for a shake down.
    Hopefully It's not going to be up for a new regulator.
    Hope alls well well with yours.
    Stressfest ·
    Yup. I was going to send them both seperate, tyres via aust post... but at $75, i couldn't complain. I use pack/send for most things... quite reasonable.
    GreyDuck ·
    Any idea how much the postage on a set of spoked rims from Sydney would cost in postage to land in good old WA?
    I see Doc strada is selling his spokers off his Paul Smart.
    GreyDuck ·
    Dohhh the new 4kg lead brick has failed me!!!
    Not sure why as the bugger is on a trickle charger.
    Hope your new lightweight set up is working for you.
    Hopefully the problem isn't the rectifier.
    send me your mobile no'again I've lost it.
    All the best Paulaka Grey Duck
    cjm100 ·
    Jase, how's things. I bought the forks from you for my 06 Sport. Just wondering if you use a steering damper on yours. I had a big tank slapper a while back. Maybe a damper will help?. I see WASP sell one.

    Stressfest ·
    Heya mate... was away this weekend. Made the most of it and spent 3 days at Margs. Did some whale watching, reptile park, petting farm and the bootleg brewery...but man, Caves Rd...*primo riding* lotsa twisties. Think we may need to get a weekend pass one of these days and carve it up down there ;)

    I'm trying my luck at one of those light weight batteries... don't know how she'll go, but why not give it a burl. 4kg weight loss is all too appealing :D

    Talk soon mate
    GreyDuck ·
    G'Day Jase,
    Had to buy a new battery as the old one was sulking about being hardly used for 12 months.
    I'll give the girl an oil & filter change and hopefully she'll be sweet.
    Can't ride on Sun' as I'm in the midst of a brickpaving frenzy!!!
    Hope fully next Sun'
    All the best.
    Paul aka GreyDuck
    GreyDuck ·
    How's about a ride out to Penguin Island on Sun?
    Meet 9am at BP cnr of West coast Hwy & Scarb Bch' rd.
    Steve is up for it,not sure if Murray is coming.
    I sent this message to you y'day,for some reason it ended up in my own inbox???
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